How to Choose which Funeral Readings to include?

June 28, 2020

Funeral readings are one of the most important parts of the funeral ceremony. These readings are for the remembrance as well as for asking the forgiveness of the deceased and for the sake of peace of the departed soul. Different types of readings are selected for the funeral to be read. This depends on the religion of the deceased. As […]

Modern Day Wakes in Singapore

June 24, 2020

A wake is an event associated with the death of anybody. In wakes, people are gathered to say prayers for the departed soul. They also remember the deceased person by reading eulogies and other talks. It is a social gathering where relatives, friends and other people who are living around in society participate in it. These wakes are mostly arranged […]

Transporting Human Remains in Singapore

June 20, 2020

Deaths and funerals in Singapore are not as simple as these seem to be. There are lots of procedures and works to do for this purpose and everyone has to obey the rules and regulations of this process. From death to the burial or cremation, the family of the deceased has to undergo many processes and fulfills various requirements. You […]

How to Help Kids Cope with the Death of a Pet?

June 16, 2020

Children’s Death Children are just like angels and they are so dear and near to their parents. They are loved by everyone due to their innocence and purity. They are so real in their words and expressions that they are always believed to be true. Their cute actions always find for them a special place everywhere and they become the […]

Making a Memorial Donation: Things to consider, places to research

June 12, 2020

Memorial donations are made for the deceased person on request of his family. They may ask people to donate for the departed person to any organization or to the family to fulfill the expenses of the funeral. It all depends on the family in which the way they select for the donations. They may ask the people to give donations […]

How to Advertise for Funeral Flower?

June 8, 2020

No matter how great you are when it comes to arranging flowers and creating designs if you do not advertise your funeral flowers in a strategic way, you will still end up waiting for sales. Advertising your funeral flowers is important in growing the business and in reaching a profitable rate. In a world full of competition, it can be […]