how much to give for Memorial Donations

Memorial donations are made for the deceased person on request of his family. They may ask people to donate for the departed person to any organization or to the family to fulfill the expenses of the funeral. It all depends on the family in which the way they select for the donations. They may ask the people to give donations in the form of flowers or bouquets only or they have to participate by giving money. It is also told by the family to whom people have to pay money. If they ask to give money to any organization, people will give to them and if they ask to pay money directly to the family then this should be given to them directly by going and visiting their home or by post. Anyway according to the ease can be selected by the person who is giving money. This request is made by the family but it is not a compulsion for the people. They are free in their decision either to pay money or not. If they want to contribute, they can and if they do not want even then they are free in their decision. No one can force them.


Things to Consider

When you come to know that the family of the deceased has asked for help and you have to pay an amount to make a memorial donation, you should try to consider the following point before giving that amount.


Which Thing To Be Given

You should have proper and accurate that what are the basic requirements of memorial donations by the family. They have asked sympathy flower, money or something else in this regard. It is also possible that the family may have asked about both flowers and money to donate. It must also be known to whom this donation has to be given. If the family has asked the money to give to any organization then you should try to give it to the organization. Family can specifically point out that which organization is selected for the donations and it can give you free hand that to any organization you can give that money. You can find out various organizations which are working for the betterment and welfare of humanity, you can select anyone that has a good repute.


Amount Of The Donation

It is also worth considering how much amount you have to pay and how much contribution you should make. Mostly no compulsions are made in this regard and it is totally up to you that how much you pay. You can pay as much as you can and in which you feel comfortable. If you feel that you can pay $10 easily, you can pay and if you can pay more than this, you are always welcome to pay even more.


Mention The Name And The Address Of The Family If Required

Sometimes family asked the contributors to mention the name and address of the deceased for whom they are contributing and sometimes they do not want to reveal the identity. If the family requires to tell the name and address of the departed soul then you should tell them so that they can send thanking remarks to the family and if they are not in favor of telling the name then you should respect their demands and wishes.


Accurate Place To Give Your Amount

You should also keep in view that the organization will use the given amount in a good and accurate way. You should not give your contribution to the place where no specific fund for this purpose has been established and you are not sure that the given amount will be used for the welfare of people or not. You can use your money in helping the poor people or families you may know.


Inform The Family

It is also necessary or you can say an etiquette in memorial donation that if you donate any amount to any organization or family, you should inform the family of the deceased who has demanded to make such contribution.


Pay The Amount To The Family Of The Deceased If Asked

It is also important to know to whom you have to pay. Sometimes the family of the departed person asks you to pay some memorial donation to them. This amount is paid to help the family in the preparation and completion of the funeral ceremony and wakes. So if the family has asked to make you such contribution to them for their help, you should help them.


Places to Research

You can search for organizations in newspapers or other media. You can also ask your friends or relatives or even to the family of the deceased if they have any idea about a good organization to pay your donation. It is also possible to find such people and organizations on Facebook or such channel or medium. It is also possible to make a page on your Facebook account to ask people if they are needy and want your help. You can also search in your area for any good organization to give money. You will find the various organization to whom you can give your money for once or for a regular basis.

It is one of the customs and traditions in Singapore that the friends, relatives, and other visitors pay a small amount to the family of the deceased. This is a donation for the deceased to help the family. This is sometimes demanded by the family to contribute in this regard and this is mostly informed by the details of the obituary. so to have a complete idea about the demand and to fulfill the requirements, you should try to get complete information about the demand. It is up to you whether to pay the amount or not. There is no compulsion in it but keep in view the demands if you want to pay the amount; either to pay the amount to any organization or the family.

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