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No matter how great you are when it comes to arranging flowers and creating designs if you do not advertise your funeral flowers in a strategic way, you will still end up waiting for sales. Advertising your funeral flowers is important in growing the business and in reaching a profitable rate. In a world full of competition, it can be challenging for any florists to make sales. It is a good thing that there are bright ideas for advertising funeral flowers. Here’s a list of how you can do that:


  • Use the Social Media

The most effective way to advertise and promote your funeral flowers is to use your social media accounts. You can announce or sell your flowers through Facebook or Twitter or create a separate page for the business. It is easier to spread the news to your friends, friends of friends, and to other people in your area and in neighboring communities. When you use social media pages, make sure that you keep it fresh and updated with new content and photos or with exciting offers of discounts or promos.


  • Use Flyers

Flyers are among the most effective marketing tool that is easy to produce budget-friendly advertising expenses. Just like any business, a funeral flower shop can take advantage of the use of flyers to advertise and market all the flower arrangements offered. You can have flyers sent to different funeral homes or you can have the flyers distributed at the cemeteries in and out the community. Flyers are a small piece of paper designed professionally in a purposeful and attractive design. Business flyers are designed through a template that can be customized to suit the style you want.


  • Send Emails

Personal emails can be sent to customers to offer or promote elegant and impressive flowers. The email you sent will surely make a way for you and your customers to be connected, and it will never cost you more. However, when you choose to send emails to consistent customers and prospective clients, always make sure that the design of the emails and the content of the emails are excellent and of high quality. The best thing about sending emails as advertisements is that it boosts sales while making customer relationships stronger.


  • Give Freebies

Promotional products and freebies are a great way to attract new customers and appreciate loyal customers. When you give freebies and give away items, make sure that the items contain the logo or name of your flower shop. Freebies like free samples or additional funeral flower basket for free are a simple but interesting way to draw customers. Funeral flowers are only purchased on the event of a funeral, but for family members who want to visit the gravesite from time to time, it is a good thing that they have the best options for the funeral flowers.


  • Create Partnership with Funeral Homes

Partnering with funeral homes in the community is an ideal move if you want to promote your funeral flowers to people who visit the office. Some people pay their monthly dues to the office, and by attaching a business card in the receipts, people will know what flowers you offer. In addition, the funeral homes can insert your flyers into their brochures.


  • Display a Signage of your Promotions

If you are offering an annual discounted sale for the funeral flowers, display large signage or banner at your flower shop so that your customers will know about it. Those who plan to bring flowers to their deceased loved ones’ grave, and even those who have no plans yet, will be prompted to avail. When you use signage or banner to advertise your flowers, make sure that the design is attractive and appealing and readable as well.


  • Create Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns are beneficial to your flower shop. You can hire an expert who will manage the Adwords and digital marketing pieces. It is an online marketing effort intended to drive traffic or conversions for revenue. There are different ways to maximize digital marketing campaigns in the flower shop such as pay-per-click campaigns, contests, SEO informational contents, and content marketing. Year by year, a digital marketing campaign will increase your sales and revenues by simply driving traffic and leads to your website.


  • Blog about Your Funeral Flowers

Blogging is the perfect way to advertise and talk about your funeral flower shop. You can personally write about your shop and about your funeral flowers so that people will know more about your products. You can also write more tips in creating flower arrangements and designs of standing sprays or funeral wreaths and more.

In doing blogs, it is important to have varying posts and subjects that provide fresh ideas to readers and visitors. However, you should stay focused on the topic or on the products you want to promote. In addition to blogging, video blogging is also an interesting way of promoting a flower shop.

The traditional way of advertising funeral flowers is still the word of mouth rule. Based on observation and studies, a potential customer chooses a funeral flower shop based on recommendations from friends and family. They trust what they say when it comes to the quality of products and services. Many of them also turn to reviews written by previous customers. There are more ways to advertise your funeral flowers online and offline. The more you are open to options, the more you can boost your flower shop’s sales and revenues.

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