funeral wake in Singapore

A wake is an event associated with the death of anybody. In wakes, people are gathered to say prayers for the departed soul. They also remember the deceased person by reading eulogies and other talks. It is a social gathering where relatives, friends and other people who are living around in society participate in it. These wakes are mostly arranged before the funeral ceremony of the body and in these wakes dead body is present. People come and visit the family, see the body and condole the family at their loss. These wakes can be held at any place according to the choice and liking of the family. Sometimes these are held at the home of the departed person and sometimes these are held in some larger places like grounds, halls, churches or any other place. The arrangement of the wake is also connected with the religious obligations of the dead person.


Best Place To Be Arranged

In this modern era, when everything has changed and everyone is in the race of uniqueness and style. The wakes are no more simple events. People now prefer to arrange the wake of their loved ones in some hall or other large and good place. This has become a trend in people that they prefer a better place than others. This is also possible now due to various funeral service providers who are working and claim that they can make the deaths of the relatives and loved ones memorable.


Transportation Facility

Now with the modern lifestyle, deaths have also been modernized like everything. People prefer to arrange the best transportation facility for the body and the family and the relatives of the body to be taken to the place of wake or funeral. In this transportation, they keep in view the brand of the vehicle. They choose the best car for the body. The choice of the hall is also very important in this regard. Now everyone wants an air-conditioned hall for the wake ceremony. So that guests and visitors may not face any problem and they feel comfortable.


Scrumptious Food Items

Food arrangement is also a very important part of any event. If you go to a marriage ceremony, you always talk about food, its quality, and taste. Now this has also been common in the case of deaths. People prefer to provide the best food to their guests. They do not compromise on the quality, taste, and quantity of the food. This responsibility is also taken by the funeral service providers who arrange each and everything from flowers to the food items. They make sure that the food they deliver will be best.


Well Written Eulogies

Even if we talk about the eulogies which are read by relatives, the family of the deceased or by any clergymen, people prefer that these eulogies should be best and should be remembered by the visitors and guests for the long period. For this purpose, the family of the departed person hires some good writers or poets to write the best eulogies for the event of the wake.


Proper Sitting Arrangements

Sitting arrangement is also one of the essential parts of all the arrangements. Now families choose the best sitting arrangement that will be comfortable for the guests. The place for sitting is preferred to be spacious enough that there will be no suffocation due to gathering. Chairs and tables are arranged and flowers are decorated at the place of the event. People try to keep the environment comfortable and easy.

The wakes in Singapore are held for three days in common but it can be for more than three years in some cases. Especially if the deceased was a prominent personality than his wake rituals can be held for even seven days. During these wakes, people awake all night and the relatives and friends also accompany them in the awake. They also awake with them at nights so that the family does not feel alone and it will be easy for them to awake. These wakes are held when many people from family, friends and relatives visit the family of the deceased to condole with them in their huge loss, grief and agony. They show their participation in their grief by giving funeral flowers, some amount of money and accompany them in their rituals if they share the same religion.


Wakes Can Be Made Interesting

Wakes are no more a very boring event to attend. These are tried to make interesting by eulogies and delicious food items. Talking and laughing is not a prohibition in wakes. The visitors and guests can talk and share their ideas. They can talk about general issues and topics. They can meet each other and can have a good time with each other. They can also discuss the deceased person or any other personal topic. Now it has also become the tradition or you can say the fashion in Singapore to pre-book the wakes and funerals. This trend is rising day by day. There is nothing strange to talk about the wakes and funerals. People are so much indulged in having the best wakes that they properly plan for it. They collect and spend huge amounts on these wake ceremonies.

So, we can say that like every other thing, funerals, and wakes have become modern and luxurious. Everyone keeps in view the style and brand. Everyone has become brand conscious about each and everything they choose. Now from decoration to transportation and food items, everything is important and the best services are provided. This has also become possible due to excessive competition in the industry of funeral and wakes. Many public and private companies are working in this regard. Everyone claims that they are offering the best services. And there is nothing wrong with it. If you visit these service centers and ask them about their services, you will be surprised to know about the services. They will tell you to provide the best flowers who can attract the attention of the visitors. They will offer you the best transportation facility and cars of famous brands. They will offer you delicious food items and many other things. so if you want to modernize your wake, plan it and get the best services.

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