Complete Guide to Non-Religious Funeral

June 11, 2021
Non-religious funeral services are chosen when the deceased did not follow any particular kind of formal religion. Also, a non-religious funeral is appropriate when the deceased was a Humanist or an Atheist. For this kind of funeral, there are no...
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Complete Guide to Jewish Funerals

June 4, 2021
While many Jewish funeral rituals are the same across the world, some variations can be there depending on the deceased’s heritage. For instance, Ashkenazic Jews who are of the Eastern Europe descent and Sephardic Jews who are of the Middle...
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Complete Guide to Islamic Funerals

May 28, 2021
The Islamic religion sees death as a transition to another state of existence known as the afterlife. Where the soul goes in the afterlife entirely depends on how well the person followed all Islamic religious codes throughout their life. Muslims...
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