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Funeral readings are one of the most important parts of the funeral ceremony. These readings are for the remembrance as well as for asking the forgiveness of the deceased and for the sake of peace of the departed soul. Different types of readings are selected for the funeral to be read. This depends on the religion of the deceased. As there are various religions are residing together in Singapore, so multiple readings are selected for funerals according to the diverse religions. If they are Muslims, they will have their reading scriptures and if they are Christians, they will have Bible and Chinese and Buddhists and Hindus will have their religious books to be read on funerals and wakes. The selection of the readings also depends on the event or sections of the funeral. Starting from the death to the cremation and burial of the ashes.


The Holy Quran

The Quran is the Holy and sacred book for Muslims and if a Muslim dies, at their funerals, the holy Quran is read for asking forgiveness of God and for the soul that may rest in peace. In the ceremony of funeral and afterward the holy book is read. So if a deceased is a Muslim then the Quran will be selected as a reading at a funeral.


Quranic Verses

Quranic verses and prayers are also read on funerals. When the visitors and guests arrived to condole with the family of the departed person, then they raise their hands and pray for the dead person. This practice is common in all Muslim families. Even after some days of death whenever a person from friends or relatives arrives for condolence, Muslims pray for the deceased with the family of the departed soul. These prayers are read by the family, friends or relatives of the dead and sometimes these are read by the religious scholars. Religious scholars or teachers have a special place in Islam, that is why people ask them to pray for the person.


The Holy Bible

Christians read their Holy book Bible for the deceased person. They pray for him to console his soul and also ask for his forgiveness to God. It is obvious that Holy Books of every religion are sacred for the people of that religion and they respect their religion as well as the books of their religions. These books are regularly read in their homes. In routine Bible is read with the hope to please God. In funerals this is specifically read for the departed person that may God rest his soul in peace forever and ever.



Eulogies are read to remember the deceased person. These are selected to describe the dead person and also for the remembrance. These are mostly read by the family, friends or clergymen in funeral ceremonies or wakes. These are written with great care so that these describe the feelings of sadness and agony in right and accurate words. These eulogies are written by the family or they hire any good writer who can write according to their demands and requirements. The length is also selected by the family and the selection of time that when and whom these will be read is also up to the family members.


Funeral Prayers

Funeral prayers are mostly read in Churches when people or relatives of the deceased are gathered for the condolence of the person. They join the family in the prayers held for the departed soul. In these prayers, many verses from the Bible are selected for prayer.


Prayer by Priest

Priests also pray for the person at the funerals or wakes. These prayers are selected by priests and all other guests and visitors join him in those prayers. Priests have a special place in Christianity and their prayers are considered sacred and more valuable that is why they ask the priests to pray for their loved ones.


Reading of Psalms

Psalms are the selection from the holy readings of Christians and Jews. These are also selected for the funeral services and wakes to be read on those events. Like other people of various religions, Jews have their Psalms to read on funerals for the sake of forgiveness of the departed soul. These psalms are read to show the grief and pain for the deceased person and also a way to condole with the family of that person.


Prayers at the Time Of Cremation

Cremation is the ceremony at which the body of the deceased is burnt in the fire. In this ceremony the bodies are packed in coffins and sent to the place of cremation. During this ceremony some prayers are also read. These prayers are helpful for the family to keep themselves collected at that difficult time when they are seeing their beloved family member going away from them and they are unable to do anything for him.


Prayer at the Time Of Burial of Ashes

Ashes of the dead body are collected by the family members and it is up to them whether they bury them or throw them into the sea. It depends on the religious beliefs of the family. In this process of collection of those ashes or remains and their burial, some words of prayers are also read for the dead person. For showing the grief as well as for his forgiveness.

So, we can say that there are various and multiple readings which can be selected for the funeral ceremonies and wakes. These readings are selected for various purposes. Sometimes these readings are just to remember the departed persons and sometimes it is for the condolence to the family of the gone one. These are also read to please God to ask forgiveness for the deceased if he has committed any mistake or sin in his life. So it all depends on the religious beliefs and demands that which type of reading is selected. For various religions diverse types of readings are selected. Most common readings are the sacred books of that specific religion.

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