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Need Fast Orchid Flower Delivery?

Expect our team of florists to provide the largest selections of Orchids in the most modern and versatile designs. TFS Funeral Florist guarantees that each bouquet of Orchid flowers or Orchid plant is handcrafted and hand-delivered for your satisfaction. Most of our Orchids are grown systematically and specifically for use as cut flowers for floral bouquets and arrangements. We also have a large number of potted arrangements designed impeccably using the highest standard to meet your expectations. Each of the Orchid arrangements is exquisitely designed tailored to suit your budget and your taste whether you want the classic ornamental style or the modern contemporary design.

Our florists offer a number of options in terms of color variations, design and style of pots, and customizable designs. If you want your bouquet or flower arrangement designed personally, our team of florists is available to assist you.

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Wide Selection of Orchid Plant

We Guarantee Our Orchids to be in the Finest Quality

From the most common varieties of orchids to the rarest ones, We at TFS funeral florist assure you that you will get the most exquisite orchids for sale. We have the famous Vanda Miss Joaquim orchids, Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchids, Paphiopedilum or Slipper Orchids, and the Dendrobium or Singapore Orchids. We have our own direct suppliers and local farmers where various orchids are grown for this purpose.

All orchids are properly maintained and handled. We guarantee high-quality orchid delivery to your loved ones in Singapore whether you are sending gifts on funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, or special celebrations.

  • We Offer Large Selections of Orchids

Orchids belong to a diverse and widespread variety of flowering plant, the Orchidaceae. A large variety of Orchids can be identified depending on the shape of the petals and the bilateral symmetry. Along with the Orchid family, there are four types of Orchids found in different places throughout the world. The four orchid types are the following:

  1. Phalaenopsis Orchid
  2. Cymbidium Orchid Types
  3. Dendrobium Orchid Varieties
  4. Cattleya Orchids
  5. Mokara Orchid


We Provide Stunning Potting Designs, Packaging, and Services

We offer stunning orchid flowers and potted orchid plants at affordable prices. You have hundreds of choices when it comes to potting designs and services. Our team of florists assures you that exquisite packaging for each potted orchid is properly performed. It includes the choice of orchids, the design of the pots, the potting soil used, which ensures that the plant will last for a longer period of time even under minimal care, and the hand delivery procedure from the flower shop or farm all the way to the delivery address.

When the orchid delivery arrives, you can have the assurance that it is already arranged extravagantly for the purpose of home or indoor decoration and display. All you have to do with the package is enjoy its attractive and glamorous design for a month or more.

You can browse the website to find the most stunning potting designs suitable to your place or space or to your taste and style. Whether you want to go classical and traditional with these ornamental plants or you want a minimalist style, we have a team of professional florists who are willing and available to assist you.

We Give Seamless Same Day Delivery

As promised, we give you seamless excellent same-day orchid delivery throughout Singapore. Our team of dedicated customer service representatives ensures you that all your orders are properly attended to so that you and your loved ones will get their orchid flowers at the expected time. Anytime you want to give the beautiful flowers of orchids to your family or loved one in any place in the country, you have our florists always ready to give you same-day delivery.

With our island-wide delivery services, you have the option to have your flowers arrive at the recipient’s address early in the morning, noontime, or in the evening. In case you want customized delivery or special delivery, arrangements can be made with our florist.

Weekly or monthly delivery of orchids is also possible with the subscriptions we offer. For an affordable price, you can have fresh orchid flowers delivered at your doors on your desired schedule. Moreover, delivery charges and shipping fees may vary depending on the area but free delivery charges are also offered on same-day delivery and through subscriptions.

We Provide the Best Orchid Delivery Service in Singapore

TFS Funeral Florist provides the best orchid delivery service in Singapore. We assure you of incomparable flower bouquets and arrangements with our freshly cut, handpick, and high-quality flowers and plants, unique packaging, seamless services, affordable deals and delivery fees, and on-time delivery within Singapore.  Our large selections of orchids are wonderfully arranged to suit all kinds of occasions and requirements.


    Our funeral florist experts will be at your service shortly.

    100% Satisfactory on Bouquet Flowers for Funeral from Our Expert and Learn What to Include in Your Condolences Flower Message

    With our team of expert florist, all our funeral bouquets are designed for client’s 100% satisfaction. The designs are not only presentable but suitable, as well, to the occasion. The flowers are guaranteed high quality, allowing you to offer exquisite flowers as a tribute to the deceased person.

    When you send a funeral bouquet, don’t forget to write your message of condolences or sympathy. Learn from the florist about what message to include in the funeral flowers and let the grieving family feel your heartfelt sympathy, support, and comfort during this most difficult time.

    We Share Instructions for Orchid Care

    We know that you want your Orchid flowers and potted orchid plants to last longer. Aside from being easy-to-care for, Orchids also tend to bloom and re-bloom in season. We can help you with this guide and instruction for orchid care.

    To ensure that your orchids are in proper care, it is important to give the plant an optimal growing condition. It includes a room temperature of 50° F to 85° F with high humidity. The humidity level can be increased in order for the orchids to grow healthy by using a humidifier or by misting the plant on a daily basis.

    Bright light is essential but it should be indirect or filtered so that the plant, especially the leaves, will not end up burnt. The plant can be placed near the windows but should be facing east or west. Low light, on the other hand, may prevent the orchid plants from blooming.

    The plant also needs water but not too much of it. Watering the plant at least once a week is already sufficient to keep the plant hydrated, especially if the humidity in the area is at the standard level. Too much water will only rot the roots, thus killing the plant.

    To help the orchid plant to grow well and bloom in time, you may need to fertilize it. There are packs of fertilizers for orchids available at the flower shops.

    Part of the orchid care is pruning and repotting. For complete instructions and guide, learn more Orchid Care from our expert florist.

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