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Deaths and funerals in Singapore are not as simple as these seem to be. There are lots of procedures and works to do for this purpose and everyone has to obey the rules and regulations of this process. From death to the burial or cremation, the family of the deceased has to undergo many processes and fulfills various requirements. You need to contact many offices and have to pay a lot of money to complete the funeral of your loved one. Deaths there have become very complicated, complex and expensive. It is not so that one of the family members dies and you just bury him at your own with your choice without any difficulty.


Register The Death First

First of all you have to inform the registration office who will register the death and will issue a certificate. There you have to tell the complete details of the death. The place of death as well as the reason or cause of that death. If this death was of natural reasons than you will get the death certificate quite easily but if it was a death due to suicide or murder than you have to undergo the complete process of investigation. Multiple questions will be asked and you have to satisfy the authorities to get the certificate. It is also a compulsion in Singapore to inform the registration office within 24 hours of the death. After this process of registration, funeral services are started.


Transportation Of The Body

Transportation of the body to the cemeteries and handing over the remains to the family is also one of the processes of these funeral services. This is the responsibility of the funeral director to provide the facility of transportation to the body. The service provider will pack the body of the deceased in a casket. These caskets are designed in various materials; for example of wood. Metal, plastic and paper. These are provided to the body according to the demand of the family of the deceased. You will have to pay the amount according to the selected casket. These coffins are getting ready and then the bodies are transported to the place of the funeral. This is also one of the responsibilities of the funeral director to provide a transportation facility to the family or the relatives of the deceased. This transportation is also provided on demand and according to the demands and needs. Now with the emerging industry of funeral services in Singapore, various government and private service providers offer very luxurious vehicles to the customers and clients. But this is the case if the death has occurred within the country and it is quite easy to facilitate the people with any type of transportation.


Death Outside Singapore

If the death is occurred outside the country, like the resident of Singapore has died in any other country and the body has to be taken to Singapore than it is a quite complex and long process. In this process of transporting the body to Singapore, funeral directors of both countries have to be involved in this process. Death certificates are issued from both sides and permission has to be taken from both sides. The country from where the body has to be brought will give its consent and the receiving country will also give its permission for this purpose. Air transportation service is provided to bring the body from other countries. Taking the body from other countries to Singapore and all the documentation, paperwork and approvals can take some days to be completed. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of the funeral director to arrange accommodation for the family of the deceased. So that they may not face any accommodation or residential issues along with their grief of losing their loved one.

Medical tests are conducted of the body and if the deceased had any chronic disease than the authorities have to be informed on both sides. Vaccination is given to the family of the deceased and it is mostly prohibited to touch the body. It is also mentioned in the documents that the departed person had a specific disease. It is up to the authorities that they allow to touch and see the body or not. Mostly the bodies are allowed to take to the destined country. After getting this permission the bodies are taken to Singapore where funeral services are provided.


Transportation Of Ashes Or Remains

After the burial or cremation according to the religious demands of the departed soul, ashes or remains are collected and handed over to the families of the dead one. It is the choice of the family either to save the ashes or remains in the special places built for this purpose or to take these ashes or remains with them to their homes. They chose it as their religious demands are. If the ashes or remains have to be taken from any other country outside Singapore than some rules are set. Only a limited size of the box is allowed which can be fixed on the space made for this purpose.


So, you can say that with other multiple services and facilities which have to be provided to the dead body of a person and his family, transportation facility is really important and significant. Without this facility, the process of the funeral cannot be started. Within the country and outside Singapore, this facility is needed to take the body to its final destination. We all can understand that if one of our loved ones lose his life that is painful for us and if this happens outside the country where you are unable to see him, this will be heart wrecking and everyone will be in this struggle to take the body of his relative or friend to his homeland. So that everyone can see him for the last time. In that time of pain and restlessness, the funeral directors provide every type of support and facility and arrange the transportation of the body by any means.

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