how children cope with pet loss

Children’s Death

Children are just like angels and they are so dear and near to their parents. They are loved by everyone due to their innocence and purity. They are so real in their words and expressions that they are always believed to be true. Their cute actions always find for them a special place everywhere and they become the center of everyone’s attention. One child keeps the whole family busy and in the company of children, you enjoy a lot and by playing with them, you can relax and can forget your tensions and worries at least for few minutes. If a child losses his life, it is a huge loss for his parents and it is really difficult for them to bear the pain and agony of that loss. When a child dies, special preparations are made for his funeral and wake. Funeral service providers try to provide the best services for children so that their parents can fee their children special and it can reduce their agony and pain. The funerals of children are held just like the elders depending on their religious obligations and teachings. Special coffins are prepared for them. Flowers are decorated and their bodies are buried or sent for cremation.


Pet Loss

Pet loss is another painful event in the life of the owners of that specific pet. It may be a loss of just an animal for others but the owners that loss is considered the loss of one of their family members. The people who keep animals as their pets love the animals just like their children and they care for them like them too. And if one of the pets died due to any reason, they become sad and this is painful for them. They have made a bond with that pet and they have accustomed to live in the loving company of their pet. Animals are so much loving especially dogs and cats that they make a special place for them in the house of the owner. The bond between animals and children is of no match. They spend most of the time with each other and love each other passionately. Children play with the animals and their animals recognize them and love them. They have a strong relationship with their pets and if they have to face the pain of the loss of their pet, they become so much sad and start crying on that loss.


Bonding of Children With Pets

This strong bond and relationship with the pets, make their owners cry on their loss. And this love is the reason that they want to have a good funeral of their pets. Some of them busy coffins for them and bury them and some of them send their coffins for cremation. So they arrange the funeral of their pets according to their religious obligations and demands. In Singapore, you can find a few shops, from where you can get the coffin for your pet. In these shops, you can find special coffins for your pets in various sizes. These shops are made to facilitate the owners of the pets who face many difficulties in the burial or cremation of their pets. They want their pet to be buried with honor and respect and for this reason, they arrange beautiful and well-designed coffins for them.


How Children Can Cope With The Loss Of Their Pets?

Burial or cremation is not the only issue for the pet owners but to cope with the huge loss is also one of the goals they have to achieve, especially for their children who become over sorrow and sad at the loss of their pets. Children react too much in such a situation. They start crying and deny to eat anything. They can have other reactions which could be more severe due to which their study can be disturbed. So it is really important and essential to controlling the grief of the children at the early stage and for this purpose, parents should play their part and they have to provide help to the children.

  • Parents should talk to the children and make them understand that this is the part of life that we have to bear the pain of losses in life of various things, pets and people around.
  • Parents should try to make children busy in some other activities; like playing with them various games.
  • Parents can take children for some outing so that they can overcome their grief and pain and can come out of that agony.
  • Parents can ask the children to share their feelings and can have a healthy discussion about the loss with them.
  • Children should be told that it is natural and ok if they feel pain at the loss of their pain and they can cry.
  • Psychology says that it is better to express your feelings and sentiments rather than hiding them or controlling them. So ask them to show their sentiments.
  • You can provide them with another pet to overcome their grief for the lost animal.

So it can be said that the loss of both children and pets is really painful for the family members. The people who keep pets at home love them and treat them just like their family members. They develop a strong relationship with the pets and especially children have a strong bonding with the pets, as they play with them, feed them and spend much time with them. At their loss, children feel themselves alone and spend their time in remembering them. Some of them become so much sad that they lose interest in any other activity and it affects their studies too, which is a time of tension and moment of thinking for the parents. So parents should participate in the struggle of the children to cope up with that loss. They should share their feelings and sentiments and try to console each other. Parents can condole with the children and try to help them in forgetting the loss of their dear pet, that is a huge task and difficult one too for the small heart and brain of the children.

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