The expression of condolence can be best expressed with sympathy gifts. The proper expression of sympathy for the family of a deceased can be presented with kind gestures of gifts related to mourning. After the death of a loved one, the family receives many visitors during cremation and funeral services. It is the appropriate gesture by the invitees to present the grieving family members with gifts or presentations that will act as a gesture of tribute and respect for the passing one.


Categories of Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy gifts are shared with the family of the deceased one for sharing their loss and grief. They are perfect for expressing support in the bad times. There are different sympathy gifts presented to families with certain symbolism.


  • Sympathy gift baskets are popularly given of informal funeral services. This basket consists of tempted treats full of dry fruits, deserts, baked food items, fruits, nuts, and assorted chocolates. They are a thoughtful gesture meant for stimulating the appetite of the bereaved.


  • Memorial trees or gardens are built for commemorating a loved one’s life. The trees planted will last for a lifetime and help in the remembrance of the deceased person. They are of huge symbolic reference adding to the good deeds of a person’s life.


  • Memorial Jewelry is the form of crematory jewelry that is helping to hold the ashes of a loved one. These pieces of jewelry are typically rings and pendants with the inscription of their name on the jewelry pieces.


  • Memorial garden stones with an inscribed quotation or loved one’s name is a perfect sympathy gift. This gesture shows enough support for the family in the form of written inscription. These garden stone decorative pieces can be placed in the garden or can be kept hanging on a wall at home.


  • Flowers are presented at funeral services or during crematorium. It is the best sympathy gift for presenting to the family of the deceased person. They can be presented in both formal and informal events. The flower represents nature and is a perfect way to signify love and respect when someone passes away.


Flowers – best sympathy gifts

Present flowers are a good way to express condolences for someone’s death. They are the best sympathy gifts for funeral service and crematorium. In the ancient days, flowers are kept near the deceased body to mask the unpleasant odor. However, with time the remedy for odor masking was discovered but flowers are still the most important part of the funeral. The flowers presented on funeral signifies different meanings:


  • Carnations are given as sympathy flowers for funeral services that lasts for several days. These flowers are long-lasting and have very high fragrance. White carnation symbolizes purity and innocence of the soul for reincarnation.


  • Lilies symbolize the soul departed to find peace along with the families that can recover from the sorrows. White lilies are also considered significant according to the faith-based religious service.


  • Chrysanthemums are significant flowers that define grief. It is a mandatory sympathy gift for European counties. Chrysanthemums are found in a variety of colors and bright colored flowers are considered best for a funeral.


  • Gladioli flowers are sent to the funeral for a deceased person who displayed great strength and character in life. It is that kind of sympathy flower that can uplift the sorrow mood of a funeral.


Apart from all these flowers, white and yellow roses are also presented in funerals. There are religious and sentimental aspects going on with a funeral service, therefore, before sending flowers it is important to keep in mind these regulations. However, there is one flower that is considered best for funerals and crematorium – Orchids. They can be presented in a bouquet or potted in a well-crafted modern container.


Phalaenopsis Orchids as Sympathy Gifts

Among all the flowers sent as sympathy gifts to the funeral, phalaenopsis orchids are the distinctive choice for the same. They are perfect for large gatherings in funeral as they are non-allergenic and soothing for the environment. Orchids represent love and affection for the dear ones and they add to the class and sophistication when shared over someone’s death ceremony. The most amazing thing about Orchids is that they can be kept fresh and alive for a long time. The bouquets made with Orchids serves the symbolism of the fortunes of the upcoming years to come. There are various bouquet options for funerals that is made with Phalaenopsis Orchids with several other flowers, such as roses, lilies, carnations, and others. A classic and sophisticated bouquet for a funeral can be made with clear glass vase with a bouquet of oriental lilies, white roses, orchids complimentary with seeded eucalyptus for the timeless and sensible sympathy gift option.


Phalaenopsis Orchids can also be presented as a potted plant for the funeral service. They will last longer and will serve as an excellent way to tribute a life for the loved one. Plantation on someone’s death is considered to be an excellent option and plants symbolize a lasting tribute and respect for some who recently passed away. The plant signifies the constant love and affection felt for the deceased person, and for the support of the family they will find peace when they are taking care of the potted plant. There are different varies for planting Phalaenopsis Orchids, such as a white orchid plant can be accompanied by designer container made up of cream-colored ceramics. White represents peace and serenity, and this potted plant is the perfect option for sympathy gifts. Apart from this plant, a double stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchids can also be given planted over an earthen clay pot. This traditional form of plantation depicts a tribute to old cultures and beliefs. This sympathy gift portrays exceptional beauty with undeniable charm, along with love, affection, respect and support for the family of the deceased person.


Sympathy gifts should be selected keeping in mind the true spirits of celebration for life and should correctly depict the feeling of condolences on a funeral service or cremation day.

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