Floral wreaths are an important part of funeral service and cremation. They are used as a decorative piece to display at the funeral service. These wreaths are made up of different floral arrangements that can be well-crafted to make a powerful statement to offer tribute, respect, and honor to the deceased person. Additionally, funeral wreaths are a perfect choice of showing care for the family of the deceased one. It is necessary to discuss the flowers before selecting the wreaths. These floral wreaths can be customized according to preference and are invaluable presents for funeral service or for sending directly to the crematorium. One should write a heart-warming personalized message on a card sent with the wreaths, that would signify the care and concern for someone who passed away.


Historical Significance of Funeral Wreaths

Wreaths are made up of different varieties of flowers which signifies different inner meaning. The choice of flowers differs according to era or traditional beliefs. Each flower has a significant meaning attached to it, for which they are chosen to be considered in a wreath. During the 16th century in England, wreaths made with white flowers are considered to be appropriate for funerals. Young maidens and women were appointed to carry wreaths with white flowers at the funeral service. These white flowers of wreaths represented purity for the deceased person. In the Victorian era, wreaths were made with the branches of willow or cypress. These flowers symbolize the resurrection of life as per the mourning art and culture of the Victorian era.


Some cultures and traditions have transformed different forms of wreaths, as per the symbolic reference to the war memorials and remembrance service for the veterans. Wreaths can be inscribed on tombstone or headstone with description about the deceased person the crematory is constructed. There are several forms of burial service nearby sea which contains floating wreaths over the water surface for commemorating a loved one’s life. In some cultures, there is a belief in presenting wreaths that can hold candles in them. These wreaths carrying candles are particularly popular for the services presented in the churchyards for Christmas martyrs.


Past Antiquities of Floral Wreaths

Flowers have their significance and value. They are used for auspicious occasions and also for funerals. Each flower with its different floral arrangements has its significance based on traditions and religious beliefs. The funeral flowers that are known to have been extracted from the Iraq’s archeological caves are considered the most primitive ones. These date back to 62,000 BC. Human beings could not trace the time when ancient people started using flowers during a funeral, but this concept is very old and holds a traditional significance.


The usage of floral wreaths can be observed in the scriptures of ancient Greece. It is believed that wreaths are made circular to represent the circle of eternal life. People still believe and preach the fact that the body may be deceased, but the soul does not die. A soul is eternal and can be reborn with a new human body. Thereby, wreaths are made circular and symbolize good fortune for the soul of the deceased person. Floral wreaths are often made with evergreens, as they survive even during harsh winters. During early Christmas martyrs are organized, floral wreaths made with evergreens are presented at cemeteries and churchyards.


Convictions for Funeral Cross Wreaths

Funeral cross wreaths are used for many centuries for commemorating someone’s life. However, as far as the significance is concerned, there are two different schools of thought revolving around the noteworthiness of wreaths. Greco-Roman society believes that wreaths are part of positivity and signifies victory. The term wreaths derived meaning of something that is bound to be round, as per the scholars of Grec-Roman society. These ring-shaped structures were then hand made using twigs, tree leaves, small flowers, and fruits. They used these handmade wreaths to crown the victorious sportspersons of the Olympic games.


On the other hand, popular Christian lore portrays the art of honorary wreath making started almost 1000 years before the Christian era. They are the part and parcel for Christmas thereafter. They used advent wreaths as the most powerful form of strength of life. Christians still design round wreaths with winter evergreen plants as a popular Christmas decoration. They symbolize strength and power and have the ability to diversify people on the popular beliefs of Christmas. These spirited Christmas wreaths are now shaped in the form of cross and ring. They are accessorized by doves and white ribbons for signifying purity. Often wreaths with candle holders are used for presentation and gifts during Christmas eve.


Funeral Wreath Testimonials

There is an array of funeral wreaths for selection among different sizes, shapes, hues, and traditions. Special florists are designated to create wreaths for funerals. Many types of traditional and contemporary wreaths can truly signify condolences and love for the deceased person. Funeral wreaths are made with fresh flowers, such as carnations, gladiolas, roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, and gerbera with green foilage and wax flowers. The flowers and their arrangement differs according to the seriousness of the event. Usually, any kind of flower works for informal event but for formal events, it is required to confirm with the organizer of the funeral for any special theme or colors they are considering for the event. Some common wreath recommendations are:


  • The white lily wreath is made with oriental lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations with wax flowers. This wreath is suitable for informal events and the flowers can be customized.


  • Classic white wreath is a popular option for funerals. It is designed with carnations, white roses with some amount of wax flowers for an elegant outlook.


  • Rose trio with heart is presented for informal funeral service for a dear one. The heart shape of the wreath signifies deep eternal love for the deceased.


When sending wreaths to the funeral, always address the flowers to both the family and the deceased, and always select a personal arrangement for wreaths. A small heart-warming note should be sent along with the wreath.  There are different varieties of funeral wreaths available for selection and their customization depending upon the size and flowers can be made to define the expressions of sorrows and grief eloquently and elegantly at a funeral service.

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