Commemorating one’s life coveys the message of celebrating the life one has lived. A loved one’s recent death can lead to planning the funeral ceremonies one of such plan consists of commemorating life by memorials. The memorial service revolves around the recent loss of a person which gives rise to various religious overtones. Fabricating memorials and monuments are one of the most common ways to commemorate or memorial someone’s life.


Reminisce about a Loved One’s Life

Human beings cast their minds back to someone who passed away recently to pay a tribute to the ideals and deeds the person has done. There are many ways to remember and honor a deceased closed person. Some common methods are listed below:


  • Safeguarding an object related to the deceased person holds very sentimental value. Remembering the person with an item treasures the life of a loved one.
  • Old trees often take the heart and mind on a trip down the memory lane, and therefore, plantation and afforestation are good ways to create a memorial for a close loved one.
  • A memorial event day can be organized as a remembrance of a loved one. The entire community should come together and celebrate the day with a good cause such as charity, donation, plantation, harvesting, and others.
  • Charity and donation are great ways to honor the memories of someone who passed away. It helps them to get more good deeds and spread their name as good fortune.
  • To pay tribute to the deeds the loved one has dedicated the life to, must be celebrated and remembered. An opportunity to help others or carry forward someone’s deed or cause it a great way to reminisce about them.


After someone close dies, all the family members and relatives keep the memories alive by sharing about them. They share stories and tales about the loved one’s life by keeping photos on display. To make other generations talk about their stories and tales, memorials are built to recollect their memories. Memorials are the monuments or constructive figures that behold religious significance.


Memorialization for a Loved One After Death

A permanent memorialization is referred by the building of monuments and figures in the memory of a passed one. After the funeral services are over, family members and relatives find a place to make themselves comfortable for healing from the loss. There are various types of memorials constructed for a loved one, which is customized according to the rules and regulations of cemeteries, crematories, and churchyards. The following are some common memorials and monuments one can build to commemorate a loved one’s life:


  1. Memorial Park

A memorial park is a modern concept of a cemetery. While cemeteries are graveyards or large burial grounds without the church’s affiliation, a memorial park is made to commemorate a loved one’s memory in the form of a park. Graves are built for both cemetery and park, but a memorial park provides a more elaborate form of graveyard decoration with aesthetics. They use bronze markers on the landscaped plot of the graveyard instead of traditional headstones. A garden styled ground is designed and visitors are allowed inside to play and enjoy the scenic beauty.


  1. Cremation Memorials

When a loved one dies, the family members could not decide the fate of their loved one’s ashes. After cremation services are over, these ashes can be created into a memorial. The following types of cremation memorials are used for preserving the dead remnant ashes of a loved one:


  • Cremation garden: An area of cemetery is reserved for cremated bodies, often decorated as a lawn with small adjacent plots of urn burials. These urns are earthed with a memorial marker with a loved one’s name.


  • Cremation Urns: Creative and beautifully decorated containers are used as cremation urns to store the ashes and place them as a decorative item at home.


  • Cremation Plague: The deceased’s ashes are scattered over a ground and cremation plaques are constructed. It contains a larger headstone for adding a descriptive inscription about the deceased person.


  • Cremation Headstones: Headstones are placed in urn gardens of cemeteries and churchyards after the cremation of the loved one.


  • Cremation Vases: After burying the ashes, memorial vases are constructed to hold sympathy flowers inside them. This depends upon the rules of the burial site.


  • Cremation Jewelry: Ashes of the deceased loved ones can be added to a piece of jewelry to signify sentimental memories and the jewelry remains as a keepsake.


  1. Mausoleum

Mausoleums are a very common type of memorial, which provides the facility of conducting burial above the ground. They are ideal for families who want a private resting place in the memories dedicated to a deceased loved one. The memorial concept regarding mausoleums can be traced back to the era of Egyptian kings in 350 BC. These kings were commemorated to rest inside pyramids. Similarly, mausoleums have a free-standing monument beside the house of the deceased person. There are several kinds of mausoleums, such as a single crypt, family mausoleums, companion crypt, lawn crypts, columbarium, and sarcophagus mausoleums.


  1. Columbarium

Columbarium are derived from dove houses, that date back to the Roman days. It is made in the form of a wall, a room, a figure, or a building with the stone urns made with the ashes of the deceased person. Columbarium holds a very significant place in the lives of the family members of the deceased person. A certain kind of columbarium, such as a columbarium niche is a very good alternative to underground burial. The families can opt for this kind of cremation that will help them to visit this sacred place quite often.


When choosing a memorial for a loved one, it is important to investigate properly about the burial ground. It is necessary to decide the crematorial place from possible cemeteries, crematories, and churchyards. After scrutinizing the religious obligations and mandates, the family members can conclude about the appropriate monument or cemeteries for the memorial. The regulatory issues and maintenance of the memorials should be kept in mind.

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