One of our most difficult phases is losing our beloved. So, if you are a family member or a friend of the person who is grieving or mourning his loved one’s death, your job lies in expressing condolences and boosting up their confidence levels and making them feel better at such difficult times. We generally associate flowers with sympathy, hence if you are planning to express sympathy, it can be done the best by presenting flowers. A floral bouquet can speak and tell what your heart feels or when the words fall short. However, some people wonder about which flowers to choose when it comes to funerals. You might feel puzzled and think about what kind of floral bouquet I should present?

When it comes to choosing the flower bouquet, the best one is chrysanthemums flowers. They are the best flowers that can be presented to a mourning person.

This article will serve as a funeral guide with a primary focus on why are chrysanthemums are commonly used for funerals.

Why are flowers used in funerals?

Flowers are more valuable than any other present as they are a source of bonding and attachment. A grieving family finds solace and peace while receiving a flower arrangement, which is not possible with any other gift. They also maintain tranquillity and thus making the mourning family feel better.


In many countries, Chrysanthemums are mostly used as flowers for the funeral as they symbolize death. In the United States, Chysnathemums represent integrity and truth, and it is also a great way to acknowledge somebody and pay respect to the deceased person.

People across the globe have acknowledged the use of this flower, mainly because of its purity. People like to present this flower to the mourning family so that they can feel better, and also these flowers are great when it comes to traveling down the memory lane and remembering the loved ones.

 What is Chrysanthemums typically known as?

Some of the common names of Chrysanthemum are as follows:

  • Anthemis grandiflorum
  • Anthemis stipulacea
  • Chrysanthemum sinense
  • Chrysanthemum indicum
  • Dendranthema morifolium
  • Florist’s Chrysanthemum
  • Dendranthema grandiflorum
  • Fleur d’Or

It is a plant which derived its name from the word ‘gold’ and ‘flower’. It has derived its name from the Greek words. Apart from being a common funeral flower, it is also used to develop medicine. Some of the conventional treatments that are often done with this flower include high blood pressure, fever, headache, cold, inflammation, diabetes type 2, chest pain. Commonly known as mums or chrysanths, they belong to the Chrysanthemum genus, and it originates from Asteraceae family.

When Chrysanthemum is mixed with herbs, it is also used for treating prostate cancer.

Chrysanthemum is a popular beverage, and it makes a very famous tea, especially in Southern China.

Research shows that when diabetic patients took a particular product which is made with Chromium or Chrysanthemum and consumed it for thrice a day for at least six months, it helped them to minimize their blood sugar levels, especially for individuals suffering from diabetes.

Also, the studies had shown that when people took a mix of licorice, Chrysanthemum, it helped to make patients feel better.

Hence, Chrysanthemum is a flower that works best when used for a funeral. Apart from the funeral, it has loads of utilization; thus it is a perfect flower that can serve almost every occasion. They are perineal plants and also are found growing as subshrubs.

History of Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums originated from China, and it is a very renowned flowering herb. This flowering herb dates back to the 15th Century BC. By 1630, this herb had a record highest of 500 cultivars. During 2014, the estimated number of agriculturists sprang up to 20,000 in the world. It was estimated China had 7000 cultivars. In China, this plant is famous as the Four Gentlemen. During the Ninth Festival, this plant plays a significant role.

In Japan, the cultivation of this plant stated during Heian periods or the Nara. Slowly as the Edo period approached, Chrysanthemum’s popularity increased. Different types, shapes and varieties of flowers came to existence. Chrysanthemum is a very famous flower in Japan, and the monarchy of Japan is known as the Chrysanthemum Throne. Again, the Imperial Seal also signifies Chrysanthemum flower.

As the flower blossoms in the months of Autumn, various types of festivals and shows take place in Japan. Chrysanthemum is a symbol of purity; hence Chrysanthemum Day is celebrated in Japan. On the 9th day of every 9th month, this day is celebrated.

In 1798, this flower entered the horticulture of America and soon became popular in America too.

Chrysanthemums are unique flowers, mostly because they are beautiful. The flower head of this flower evolves in different forms, and they can look like daisy flowers. It has various hybrids, and Chrysanthemum has become a vital flower and often used in horticultural projects.

Chrysanthemums are ideal for funerals, but when it comes to the funeral, besides sending Chrysanthemums, you can also send a floral basket to the mourning family, which looks beautiful and is found in different sizes.

Presenting flowers to a funeral is a kind gesture; however, you must keep in mind the things that you must not say to the grieving family:

Try to avoid saying these words or indulge in conversation that might not be well accepted by the family of the deceased.

  • He lived a long life, think of people who die at a young age,
  • You should cheer up; he would never want you to see feeling sad,
  • I can understand what you are feeling right now,
  • Do not lose your strength.

Messages can be conveyed easily using flowers, as they are the perfect ways with which one can express the heart. You can either send Chrysanthemums to the gravesite or you drop a bouquet to the home of the deceased. Continue to show your kindness with Chrysanthemums so that the grieving family feels at ease and go down the memory to cherish sweet memories.

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