Singapore is the land of diverse cultures, ethics and religions. It has a variety of people in its population. It’s culture and traditions are rich due to people who have multiple religious values. If you visit Singapore, you will notice that it is a small country but is really unique for its assorted beliefs and rituals. Because there are people who have different religions, so their rituals are also different from each other. You can see there Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. They are residing there and follow their own ways of life according to their religious demands and teachings. The same is the case when we talk about death ceremonies, they all have their own way to say farewell to the deceased. They all share some common and some other dissimilar manners of saying goodbye and paying their respect and reverence to the dead persons. There are some common etiquettes for attending funeral services which are applicable without discriminating any religion. These etiquettes have to be followed while condoling the death of any person who is close to you or not. These are called some general rules or principles for visiting the house of the departed person.

Selection Of The Dress

This is essential for every occasion, whenever you plan to go somewhere to attend any event or occasion. You select a proper dress according to that specific occasion. If you are going to an office, you will select a decent and sober dress, on the other hand, if you have a plan to attend a marriage ceremony or any party, you will select bright colours and opulent dress. In the same way, when you have to go to pay your respect to the deceased person, you will wear light colours and this is a universal rule for every religion of the world. No religion has the custom of wearing bright colours on deaths or wakes. So, it is suggested to you to wear white, black, grey or this type of light colours to go to a funeral or wake. Even if you do not know the religious obligations of the departed person, you should choose light and sober colours to wear. This is the basic rule and etiquette for attending the funeral or wake. So that you may not look awkward or strange at the event.

Pay Your Admiration For The Departed Person

Whatever your religion is, you visit the family of the deceased to pay your reverence and esteem to the departed person. This is common in every religion. The method of paying your tribute could vary but the purpose is the same for them all. If you are attending the funeral of a Chinese, you can lit joss sticks with one of the family members to show your respect and sorrow for the dead. You can also show the grief by bowing down in front of the bereaved family. In Christians, you can lit candles with the family, or you can participate in their prayers if you have the same religion and if not, you can be a silent observer and can listen to the prayers with respect. In Muslims, you can also participate in their prayers or can show sadness by being silent. So there are multiple ways which you can adopt to show your grief according to religion. If you have close relationships with the mourning family than it is necessary to participate in the activities of funerals or wakes but if you are not really close or you are a stranger, you can sit silently to participate in the sorrow and grief of the family.

Serious And Sober Behaviour

Your behaviour towards the family of the deceased should be decent, serious and sober. You should think before speaking anything. First, decide what to say and what not to say? You should have the idea that the family of the departed person is in pain, grief and sorrow, so you should avoid such discussion which can enhance their grief and agony. Do not pay attention to the details that what were the circumstances in which the person died. If the death was a murder or such, you must not discuss the circumstances and do not show curiosity about the background of the murder or details. This would be a very indecent way of condoling. This would enhance the agony of the sufferers and you will show yourself very unkind and indecent. You can discuss the positive qualities of the dead person and can have a general discussion on light issues and topics and if you find someone familiar in the funeral, do not show over excitement. Meet him in good way but do not laugh or talk loudly. You can talk and laugh indecent way in wake though.

Pay Some Amount To The Grieved Family

It is also one of the customs of Singapore to give some amount to the sufferers as token of your veneration to the departed one. This amount is not fixed in any community or in any religion. It is totally up to you that how much you pay. You can contribute according to your wish and will. It also depends on your relationship with the gone person or the family of the deceased. If they are your relatives than you will pay large amount on the other hand if you are just friend or not much familiar with the mourners than you can contribute with less or little amount. It is said that 10$ will be enough to pay. This amount is paid to the family to help them in the arrangements of funerals or wakes.

So you can follow these few etiquettes if you are visiting the family of the deceased for the condolence. These etiquettes are considered essential in Singapore. These are common in most of the religions of the world. Even if you do not share the religion with the departed person, even then you should follow these rules. These rules will definitely make you comfortable even in a strange family and religion.

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