When a loved one passed away, an obituary is necessary. It has to be crafted in a careful way because it is a part of the memory. A simple obituary contains information like the name of the deceased person, date of birth, family and clan the person belonged to, and the memories or advocacies shared with other people. Basically, any obituary should have the information about the funeral services or traditional rituals the family wishes to perform. If you are planning to write an obituary, here are the things you have to know:

  • What Is an Obituary?

A short news article reporting about the death, funeral, and burial information of a person an obituary can be published in a local newspaper or in a larger newspaper. Basically, it is an indirect call to the relatives and friends for moral and emotional support to the grieving family.

An obituary is a piece of public information published to announce the passing of an individual. When the family publishes it, it should announce the place, date, and time of viewing or visitation and the funeral services and burial rituals. Those people who wish to attend the wake will be able to know where to go and what tradition or religious ritual to observe at the wake.

  • Why Write an Obituary?

Obituaries are written as a way of giving honor to a loved one who passed away. It is also intended to be used as a way to communicate or relay to other people, relatives, long-distance family and friends, and colleagues about the funeral arrangements and funeral or memorial services. It also allows shared grief among the community and neighborhood since each one knows everyone in the community. Unlike the death notices, an obituary is usually written, edited, and published in a newspaper.

  • Who Writes an Obituary?

Reporters and newspaper editors are the persons behind the written obituaries in local and big newspapers. However, obituaries are your stories and one should be told using your words and personal messages. You can write personal obituary or one in honor of a loved one who passed away.

  • How to Write an Obituary?

An obituary can be started by announcing the death of a parent, sibling, spouse, son, daughter, or grandparent. Some editors have an obituary written in a simple and short message. All the necessary information about the death, funeral service, memorial service, and burial service can be squeezed in one short and simple sentence.

On the other hand, there are obituaries written in long or full articles and published in newspapers. A full article for the obituary usually contains important details and information such as date of birth, date of death, age, birthplace, a list of surviving relatives, place of death, date, time, and place of funeral, and place of interment.

In writing obituaries, the family may wish to include the request in lieu of funeral flowers, in case they prefer to accept donations for the charity institution they support. They may also emphasize the theme of the funeral, which includes the appropriate attire to wear based on religion, culture, or tradition.

In addition to the basic details and information of the deceased loved one, an obituary can be written with additional information. It could be about the character and personality to allow concerned people and individuals to know more about the person. It may include the names of the parents and grandparents, as well as the siblings. If married, it may include the name of the spouse. In case the parents or spouse are already deceased, the obituary may also be written as “The son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Miller” or “The spouse of the late Mr. Grey.”

Personal information may include the educational attainment, which needs the name of the school, year of graduation, university or college attended, and achievements in the said schools. Hobbies, passion, and interests may also be listed down to let the people know who the deceased person was.

  • How an Obituary Is Published?

An obituary is published after final revision and editing by the editor or reporter. Once the writing is done and completed, and after further review of the piece, it will be sent to the printing company to be printed in the newspaper. This well-told life story deserves a space in the local and national newspapers.

When it comes to the cost of publishing an obituary, most local newspaper printing companies do not charge a fee for it. However, there are printing companies who also do charge the publishing, especially now that there is a great decrease in the sale and demand for newspapers in the local community.

Most newspaper publications limit the lines for obituary up to 24 lines in a single column. But for the significant individuals, local and large newspapers allow obituary in full or half page. The fee for publishing an obituary is based on the number of lines in a column or based on a column size.

Vitally important, obituaries in simple or in full-article format tell the needed information about the person and the funeral service. There are professionals who can help in creating a perfect obituary whether it is for your parents or for your wife or husband. Obituaries are written in such a memorable and unforgettable format and tone not just to inform the public of the death of a loved one, but more importantly to convey respect, honor, and tribute to a loved one.

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