Flowers are always given to someone to express how we feel. Either happy or sad, flowers are just perfect to express comfort and love. For funerals, flowers are sent to express sympathy, comfort and love to the grieving members.

Sending flowers to funerals is a traditional thing and has been around for decades and decades of years. Before it was used to cover the odor of the decaying body but now, in the modern world, flowers are being used differently.

Funeral flowers add beauty and warmth to the funeral service. No matter how the arrangement is and what colors the flowers are, they always balance the feeling of sadness and help the family accept the loss of a loved one.

When it comes to sending funeral flowers, it is very important to consider your relationship to the deceased first. It would also help if you have a little knowledge of funeral flower etiquette so you can pick the right funeral arrangement.

Immediate family members include but not limited to spouses, siblings, parents and children. There are specific flower arrangements and display locations strictly for the immediate family members.

Here are some funeral flower arrangements sent by immediate family

There are different arrangements when it comes to funeral flowers. While all of them are designed to express sympathy, it is still ideal to choose the correct funeral flowers for immediate family or friends. Here are some options:

  • Casket spray – Funeral sprays are usually associated with sympathy. It is very common for immediate family or close friends to send this type of funeral flowers. The casket spray specifically adorns the coffin.
  • Wreaths and pillows on the casket – Wreaths are very common flower arrangements seen on funerals. They are circular in shape and close family members and friends usually send these.
  • Posies – These funeral flowers are appropriate to be sent to the funeral or to the house of the deceased. They can be created in modern or traditional style and should be arranged in a way that it can easily be viewed in different angles.
  • Funeral cross wreath – Another option are funeral crosses flower arrangements. They can come in different color and styles. Immediate family members can send these funeral flowers.

Funeral flowers sent by extended family, associates and friends

Nieces, cousins, nephews, grand children and great grand children are considered to be extended family members. Standing sprays and basket funeral flowers are perfect options and these are also very popular to be sent by friends and associates.

  • Standing spray – Standing sprays are very traditional and very common. It can range from very affordable to very expensive. These are more suitable at home and can come in different rich and colorful ways.
  • Basket funeral flower arrangements – These funeral flower arrangements are more common for associates and acquaintances. These can be sent to the home of the deceased or at the funeral service.

Special funeral flower tributes

Aside from the traditional funeral flowers, there are other ways to express love and sympathy if someone closed to your heart dies. Here are some of the options:

  • Letter tributes – Letter tributes are becoming nowadays and some of the popular letters are “Mom”, “Dad”, or the name of the person (even a pet’s name). Close family members usually get flower letter tributes, and these can be designed using different flowers, even in different colors.
  • Special Tributes – Aside from the letter tributes, another popular funeral flower arrangement come in different designs and shape. These special tributes range from heart shape flower arrangements to star shapes, teddies, etc. These are very personalized, and unique.

Etiquette for everyone

Here are some of the etiquette everyone should know when it comes to sending funeral flowers:

  • Get a funeral flower as soon as possible – Find time to order funeral flowers as soon as you can so you will have enough time to find the right flowers. You can also send sympathy flowers to the home of the deceased’s family members.
  • Have all the information ready – Have the full name of the deceased, the location of the service, and don’t forget the wording for the enclosure card.
  • Pick the right arrangement – Always pick the right funeral arrangement. If it is for a home or office, make sure to make it more personal.

Finding the perfect funeral flower for immediate family

Aside from learning all the simple etiquettes, it is also very important that you contact the best florist in the city to help you with the funeral flower needs. It is the main job of the florist to help you to make sure everything is done accurately and perfectly.

You don’t have to choose the most expensive flowers or the most expensive florist. Who you need is someone who understands your needs and someone who understands how important funeral flowers are to the family. At the end of the day, it is the thought that really counts.

The availability of ordering flowers online makes the search much easier. However, you need to make sure to contact the trusted online florist. You need to check some reviews and ask some people if they’ve tried ordering from that online shop.

It is the gesture that matters

Losing someone is not easy and it is very painful. It is always nice to express our sympathy by sending flowers to the family of the deceased. No matter how simple the gesture is, it would surely mean a lot to the family members.

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