A mortician is a person who is involved professionally in funeral rites business. A mortician has two more names. Some call them Undertaker, or some call them funeral director.

You may have questions about these works. Such as Why and who do these types of scary work? In which these tasks are related to? This task is a little bit scary for those people who have a soft heart. But trust me; a mortician is not a soft-hearted person. And to be a mortician is not an easy task.

A mortician is strong both in heart and mind. Moreover, his tasks relating something like cremation or burial of the dead. Not only has that but also made the arrangements for the funeral ceremony. They must even experts at comforting because they are always working with sad people. Let’s know something about a mortician and their scary task.


What Does A Mortician Do to A Dead Body?

A mortician makes all the funeral arrangements. He works with the family member of the dead person. He does plenty of paperwork with his family. A mortician makes ready the dead bodies for burial.

And the question is how they do that task? There are so many ways. But the option is depending upon one thing that satisfies your needs and opinion. There are a variety of religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian and so many traditional societies. The process should meet religious rules also. And the preparation must have to show respect for the life of your loved one.

  • At first, you should explain what exactly you should do with the dead body and your religious rules and regulation. The funeral staff takes the body to the funeral home.
  • In the second step, whatever your religion is, bathing and disinfecting are fundamental. That is done for the safety of the family and the funeral people. Not only for this but also dignity and respect of the dead is this step done.
  • The next step is a disposition and preparation. This term is considered by the family and the friends of the dead one. The body can be prepared for traditional services. Or may they think that they make the body for body donation or transport such as via ground or air?
  • After that, the next step is, consider the thing of clothing and mementos. This option is depending upon your choice. You may choose dress which was previously worn, or you may purchase a new one. Or you may select the decision on your religious rules.
  • When the matter is about the jewelry and mementos, you can put anything whatever you want. You may put rings, clips, etc.
  • Now the final step. In this part, they prepare the body for public viewing. They apply fragrantly. Regarding your wish, their hair may also be styled. You have so many choices to consider the final steps. But following the religious recommendation is the best way.


What Organs A did Mortician Remove from A Dead Body?

Many people have a wrong thought that the morticians remove the organs of a dead body. The truth is morticians don’t remove organs when the body is embalming. They throw a circulatory system for embalming, and pathologists do this task. Pathologists do the removing job when they perform autopsies.

An autopsy is a surgical procedure to identify the cause of death or manner of death. They apply this process to evaluate any disease which may have an educational purpose.

During the autopsy, the pathologists remove blood from the body and exchange it with water. Therefore, the process of removing organs may be easy and comfortable. And in this way, they can quickly examine the organs. They remove the internal organs, consider them, and put a record. After completing the total process, they replace the organs in the body.

If the organs are not removed, or the autopsy has not been done, then funeral stuff perfuses the body with a clear solution at the funeral home. So, no organs are removed at the funeral home. During the autopsy, the organs are removed, and pathologists do this job.


Do They Break the Bones of The Body?

The answer is NO. Morticians do not break the bones. Funeral home doesn’t have to break the bones on hands. They positioned dead bodies inside the casket, but to do this, they don’t need to break the bones.

There may be some issues like severe arthritis. During embalming, there can also be some issues caused by the tightening of tissues. But an ethical and responsible mortician never has done such a thing. He may position the finger as he wishes for his comfort. But there is no reason to break the bones. That is also illegal. He may lose his license for this.


Do The Morticians get days Off?

Morticians get days off. It depends on their work and how much they responsible for doing their job. Usually, a mortician works more than 40-42 hours per week. But there is some information that can make you nervous. Morticians work like if you have got any calls, then you must go. Whatever the time is, you have to go.

Suppose you are having dinner with your family or you are on a date with someone special. All of a sudden, there is an incoming call to your phone. You have to go. However, I think that you are enjoying a movie in the theater with your beloved family. At that time, a call comes to you for work. As a human being, you feel disturbed, and you can just imagine the strain. But there is no way. Whatever the time is morning, or afternoon or dinner or midnight, you should go.


Final Verdict

Some people want to be a doctor, some teacher, or some engineers. But a mortician, it’s not a joke. How many people want to be a mortician? The number is so less.

Moreover, there are a considerable number of morticians all over the world. Being a mortician is not easy. You have to take training from a mortician school.

If you have a healthy heart, expert mind, expert in comfort conversation, and a good training, then you will get a license to do this job. A mortician’s life is easy, but not comfortable. Sometimes they don’t have their dinner, or they don’t meet with their families for more than one or two days. Sometimes they miss some of their valuable moments. They are continuing their task either; they are happy with this job because they love that job.

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