Want to make a friend smile to comfort them after they have lost someone they love? Flowers are a symbol of love, comfort, and serve as a reminder of spirit of life. Oftentimes, people are not sure what words they should say out of comfort, and therefore send flowers. Flowers make a beautiful display at a funeral. There are some very important things that you need to pay attention to when sending flowers to a funeral. Here are some important tips on how to buy flowers for a funeral.


Choosing Flowers to Send

Recognize the final wishes of the family. In order to send flowers to the funeral home, you need to have the address. Think of how silly it would be when you discover that you don’t even have the address right when you are going to send the flowers out. Once you have mailed the flowers, read over that message a second time. Did you spell the family’s names correctly? Yeah, that would have been a horrible scene.


Be Aware

Funeral directors encourage people to send flowers out of mourning and respect on the date that the service will be done. This is not the time to space out on the dates. In order to be a good friend, be aware of the dates and times of the funeral and arrive with your flowers on the correct day to support the fellow members of the mourning family.


How Well Did You Know the Deceased?

Your relationship is very important when you are thinking about sending flowers. Oftentimes, people grow apart, or they remain friends for years. If the family on the deceased does not know you, kindly explain who you are when you send flowers. Tell a little a story, too. Happy stories about the person who has passed are always welcome so you can remember all the good times. Send either casket spray, cross wreath, funeral flower stand, basket arrangements or a bouquet in a beautiful vase.


Family Members with Request to Donate Flowers

In lieu of donations, families would ask for friends and family to donate flowers to the funeral instead. Respect these wishes. Sending something else, like money, may upset the family when that’s what they were avoiding


How Important is it to Consider Faith?

Did you know that sending a flower could mean the wrong message depending on one’s culture and faith? Flower arrangements highly depend on the deceased cultural beliefs, religion, and faith. It’s very important to put ones’ beliefs into consideration before purchasing flowers for the funeral to determine the appropriate floral arrangements


Here are four examples of Religions Views on Flowers


  • Muslim Religion: It is very important to ask about certain flower arrangments in a Muslim tradition as flowers symbolic messages vary across all faiths.


  • Jewish Religion: Flowers are not displayed at a Jewish funeral. Instead, flowers should be sent to the home of the deceased instead of at the church where the funeral is held.


  • Hindu Religion: Garlands are more common arrangements rather than a floral arrangement at a funeral


  • Greek Orthodox Religion: White flowers are a preferred option


  • Mormon Religion: Most flower arrangements are accepted in Mormon religions, but what you should avoid is a cross or a crucifix in with your arrangement.


Choose a flower that has a Meaning

All flowers have a special symbolic meaning. Of course, you can send any type of flower but look into flower arrangements that are appropriate for a funeral setting. Having flowers makes the mourners feel contented in this sad time. Colors are important to recognize, too. Research and avoid any flowers with flowers that have a vast meaning of what you are intending. For example, never use green flowers.


Examples of  5 Flowers Symbolic Meaning:

  • Apple Blossom: Better things are to come
  • Red Roses: Love, respect, and courage
  • Ivy: Eternal fidelity
  • Pink Roses: Grace/Gentility
  • Hybrid Tea Roses: Remember for eternity


Examples of Meaning of Color

  • White Flowers: Peace and Reverence
  • Blue Flowers: Comfort/Calm
  • Yellow Flowers: Happiness
  • Pink Flowers: Love


Flowers that Convey Deceased’s Personality

The best part about a flower’s duty is that they are here to make people smile. What you may not know is that flowers can also convey the deceased’s personality. One of the best parts about having known someone is all the memories. That never fades. Choose a unique arrangement of flowers to honor the life of the deceased. Some ideas that you can think about are the deceased’s hobbies, lifestyle, and views on the world.


How to Purchase Flowers?

Get in contact with the funeral home to see what sort of floral arrangements they are looking for. Once you have determined what arrangements are allowed, now is the time to find a florist for your order. Florists know everything there is to know about flowers, so you are in luck. Florists can compose an arrangement of flowers while also providing you with advice. Make sure that you give the florists the correct information on the funeral if they are going to be the ones to send the bouquet of flowers to the funeral home.


Sending Flowers from an Online Website

If you wish to send flowers from an online website instead, here’s some important information that you should be aware of. Sending flowers online has become very popular. Follow the links provided to order sympathy and funeral flowers. Incorporate all the viable information including the dates of the funeral, funeral services, and the location of where the funeral is held. If you already know that you have to send the flower arrangements to the funeral home, then do that.


Are You Recognising Anyone Else?

It’s a great thing for an entire social group, co-workers, or other special groups that the deceased were a part of to send a floral arrangement together. Including your name on the tag is one of the most important tips that you should remember. Sign the card with your name or the whole group.

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