Funeral directors are here to help you prepare for a funeral after someone you knew has passed on. Planning for a funeral is a difficult process, having to prepare for a number of important things like inviting guests, ordering flowers, and picking out a casket. For those who are going through the funeral process for the first time, there are some important facts that you should know about funeral providers. In this article, you will learn the responsibilities behind the role of a funeral provider.


You are the First to Speak

Let’s put it this way, you should have the right to speak first about what you want for the funeral. If a will in testament has been left behind from the deceased follow those orders first. A will provides final requests and wishes. Not all funerals are the same. Some may want to have a unique quality to the funeral like selections in music, viewings, or flower decorations. It is in the funeral providers’ duty to encourage family members with their options and explain what they have available in accommodating services.


The Cost of a Funeral

Funerals are expensive. Funeral cost more than $20,000 with payments going towards embalming, visitation services, casket, and payments that go towards the cemetery. Do some research because you are able to get funeral benefits from the government. Never pre-pay for the funeral. There are several what-ifs to look at such as the funeral home going out of business, Insurance may not cover everything, and the wishes of the deceased may change.


Involve the Whole Family

This is the right time to get the family together to grieve. Planning a funeral is not all on one person’s shoulders. No, that is too overwhelming. Now is the time to make amends if there have been any disagreements and start writing down plans for the funeral. Making the arrangements pre-funeral to honor the memories of the deceased is a great time to make decisions, fostering some closure trough the sadness of it all. Funeral providers understand and will give you all the time that you need, and step in when necessary.


Ask Funeral Providers about Payment

Now is not the time to be submissive. Funeral providers may hold back that information because they want some business. That should be one of the first questions that you ask to get an idea about how expensive everything is going to be. Those who are veterans get an honorary free burial at Veterans Affairs National Cemetary. Costs add up quickly, so don’t let yourself be pressured into anything that you have no intentions to put into the funeral.


Deciding on the Method of Disposition

There are three different methods for a proper sens off of a loved one. Burial, cremation, or entombment. Find out if your loved one had a preference and then take the plans from there. Funeral providers will advise you on what options you should think about, offering a wide range of services to help honor a life.


Environmentally-Free Casket Options

Do the casket options that the funeral providers have on the show too expensive for what you are looking for? Get a casket from local undertaker or rent a casket. Low-cost casket are mostly likely available and they’re not telling you that. Ask to see every casket in the display room. If you’re willing to, go for an adventure into the basement. Caskets at a low-price are behind hidden in the dark.


Embalming is not Necessary

For those who want to have an open-casket funeral, you should know some important tidbits that the funeral providers hide behind your back. There are some funeral homes that do not offer a refrigerated holding room to keep the bodies. Though it is recommended, embalming is not required if the deceased is buried in the next 24-48 hours. Here’s what you can do to avoid the costly payment of embalmment. Don’t get the body of the deceased embalmed. It’s guaranteed if you have the funeral within a few days of the death date, the bodies still look presentable.


Phrases to Look Out For

Keep your listening ears open for every word that comes out of the funeral provider’s mouth. If they say something along the lines as “I’m sure (blank) had great tastes for…” or “I’m sure you want what’s best for (so-and-so). Is your relationship with the deceased of any business to the funeral director. Don’t let their opinions get in the way. Put your foot in the door and tell them what you wish to do for the funeral as this is your relative who you are commemorating.


Flower Donations

It’s a tradition for people to send flowers as an expression of sympathy. Make a decision to either send a charitable donation to the deceased’s organization or in lieu of that, have flowers sent to the funeral home to provide as decoration for the funeral. Communicate with the funeral providers about where/when people should send the flowers to so no mix-up happens.


Questions to Ask Funeral Providers

To make sure that you are getting the right funeral service that you won’t ask these 3 questions to the funeral provider:


  1. ‘How long have you been in service?’
  2. ‘What kind of funeral packages a provided in the order.’
  3. ‘What are my options in payment?’
  4. ‘Are options limited because of personal beliefs?’
  5. ‘Can I arrange some of the arrangments in the service myself?’
  6. ‘Is the funeral company familiar with final expense insurance?’
  7. ‘Is staff on-call 24/7?’


Explore your Options

Don’t stick with the first funeral home that you get in contact with because they may not be the best fit. There are funeral providers who don’t give you all the viable information that you need to know. Funeral homes vary from different prices. It is required by federal law that funeral directors provide payment over the phone. Shop among funeral directors to find the right service for your family.

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