Losing a loved one or a family member is a tough experience for everyone. There are no words and actions strong enough to soothe the grieving soul. If you are moved to help your friend through the grieving process, it is important that you show compassion and love to comfort them. One way to convey your sympathy and express your condolences is by sending funeral flowers. The right funeral floral arrangement can speak right from your heart and directly to theirs. When sending flowers to a funeral home, do you know who will receive the flower delivery? It could be your friend, but what if he or she is not around? Knowing who is there to immediately receive your flowers of condolences will make it less the hassle. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Your Friend

In sending flowers for the funerals, the florist delivery should be addressed to your friend. However, the delivery details should include the name of the deceased person, the name and place of the funeral home, and the contact number. When it comes to the delivery of flowers, you can count on the florists to hand-delivered the flower arrangements to ensure quality and good condition upon arrival. If you have special instructions for the delivery, rest assured that the florists will take everything into account. Your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

  • The Name of the Deceased Person as Reference

You can have the name of the deceased person as a reference for the flower delivery. If you are sending funeral flowers for the funeral service or for the wake, you may not need to write or give the details of the family. By simply giving the details of the funeral home and the name of the deceased person, the florists can handle the task easily. It may take the florists at least 24 hours upon ordering flowers for the floral arrangement to be completed and delivered. On the other hand, it may also take a while for the florists to have your flowers delivered depending on the availability of flowers you choose or on the supplier’s delivery. It is best to place your orders right away as soon as you heard the news.

  • The Name of the Family

Anyone from the family can be the recipient of the flowers. When you send funeral flowers to a funeral home, the family members can be the recipient. One of them can sign the delivery receipt to accept the flowers. If you know that this will be the case, it is best to let the florist know about it. On the other hand, florists usually allow anyone in the family to receive the flowers provided that he or she is of legal age. They will look for someone else in the family to receive the funeral flowers.

  • Funeral Home Manager

Another possible option for the recipient of the flower delivery is the funeral home manager. This usually happens when the florists deliver the flowers before the funeral service is set. No one in the family is probably not there yet when the flowers arrive. By instructing the florist to process the delivery even if the only person able to receive it is the funeral home manager, things will be processed smoothly. Moreover, the delivery details should include the name of the deceased person and the address of the funeral home so that the manager would know where to put the flowers even before the funeral is set for the service.

Where is Funeral Flower Not Appropriate to Send?

There are some instances wherein funeral flowers are not appropriate to send. Even if the order of flowers for delivery is already paid in full, the florist will not deliver the flowers for funerals for certain reasons. Check these out and see how you can avoid it:

  • Do not send funeral flowers to the family’s home or residential address.

It is not appropriate to send the funeral flowers to the family’s home, especially if the wake and burial are not held at home. If you want your flowers to be delivered to send your condolences and warm message of sympathy to the family, have the florists bring the arrangement to the funeral home. Ask your friends or relatives for the details and address of the funeral home, in case you are not sure of it.

  • Do not send funeral flowers to your friend’s office.

The funeral flowers should not be sent to the office address of your friend. If you want to convey your sympathy and prayers to a friend and family, it is best to have the flowers brought directly to the funeral home. The florist can help you locate the area through the details published in the obituary or through networks of florists.

  • Do not send funeral flowers to relatives of the deceased person.

It is not proper to have the flower arrangements delivered to the relative’s address. They will never want the idea of having large standing or casket spray delivered to their house. Instead, instruct the florist to bring the flowers to the place where the casket is laid for viewing.

Sending funeral flowers does not have to be complicated, as well as offending. You would not want to offend any of the family members with your gift of flowers, especially when you intend to send your condolences and to sympathize with them. Know who should receive your flowers and make your thoughtful gesture a way to comfort them.

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