Giving your loved one the right funeral service is important to show them respect and love. It requires careful planning if you want everything is well-organized. People have different tastes and you also have to consider the budget you have. Besides, you don’t need to spend much for a funeral service just to make it extra special because as long as you have exerted your time and effort, then for sure it will come out the way you want to. But why do you have to plan for a funeral service anyway?

Reasons Why You Should Plan for a Funeral

Death is something inevitable. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or even how healthy you are today because death can happen anytime. It can be because of a disease or an accident so you should already plan for your funeral service for the following reasons.

  • Planning for your funeral service can somehow alleviate the burden that your family will have to experience if ever that you will leave this world. You are the only one who knows what you want for your funeral thus keeping your family away from thinking about your wishes.
  • Preplan for a funeral can save your family from financial responsibility. Funeral service requires you to spend however, if you can plan ahead of time then your family will no longer think of the expenses they have to pay. You can make arrangements for your funeral costs and leave your family sufficient money that they can use for the future. You can also consider acquiring a funeral trust or insurance.
  • If you want to make a funeral meaningful, then planning ahead is a good idea. This is a serious moment for the grieving family that requires a certain period of time for them to recover. With proper funeral service, the family would be calmer. It can also be hard for them to come up with the best funeral service in just a short period of time.
  • People have their own preferences when it comes to the funeral service they want. Example on what funeral flowers to use, music to play for the service and others. So if ever that you want your wishes to happen, then you should plan for your funeral.
  • Planning for your funeral can be a thoughtful way to show how much you love your family. You don’t want to give them problems when you die and give them the courage to face the situation.

Ideas When Personalizing a Funeral Service

There are different ways on how you can honor the death of your loved one. If ever that you want to personalize a funeral service, then here are useful ideas for you to consider.

  • You can let the attendees share stories about the memories that they have had with the deceased. Some would want to share their experiences and let them know more about the deceased. For those who are not comfortable talking in front of many people, they can simply make a notecard where they can write the memories.
  • Think of a theme that you would want for the funeral service. To make it easier for you to come up with a theme, you should consider the favorite sports, pastime, or hobby of the deceased.
  • Music will always play an important role in people’s life. For a funeral service, you can play a list of songs that your loved one loves to listen to when he is still alive.
  • When it comes to the refreshments and snacks for the funeral service, you can serve something that your loved one enjoys eating.
  • In a funeral service, you can display a photo of your loved one, a memorial DVD of your loved one’s images, or a memorial table. Letting people see these photos could somehow make them remember forgotten memories that will surely put a smile on their face.
  • One of the common gestures that people do during a funeral service is releasing a balloon. However, there is nothing wrong if you will think out of the box and try new things like blowing bubbles, throwing wildflower seeds, or lighting up luminaries.

The Importance of a Funeral Service

It is never that easy to lose someone you love. However, no one can possibly stop death so it is best that you are prepared to face such situations. This is when you will surely think of planning for a funeral service. Funeral service is very important not only to honor the deceased but also for the following reasons.

  • It is a part of the recovering process of the grieving family. A funeral service is a way for them to thank their departed loved ones and have the courage to accept what had happened. Death should be fully mourned by the family to avoid dealing with mental issues and depression.
  • Funeral service is a part of the tradition. In fact, there are places wherein rituals and symbols are made to alleviate the emotions of the grieving family.
  • Funeral service is also a time for families and friends to come together. This can be the time that you can see your relatives who have been living in far places. Receiving support from these people can also help you in the process of moving on. They make you feel that you are not alone and there are still important reasons for you to continue in life.

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