Cremation is increasingly becoming a popular choice as it is cost-efficient and saves land space. There is also a comforting feeling about having the urns placed in a mausoleum or even in your home. Some also scatter the remains at several places that are dear to the heart of their departed loved one. Whatever your reason is for choosing a cremation, keep in mind that this does not mean you will forego the funeral. You will still hold a funeral service, so funeral flowers are still essential.

Cremation ceremony

Have you ever wondered what happens during the cremation ceremony? Often, this is a closed-door event where only the closest members of the family are invited to witness. But as crematorium is becoming more widespread, it is now common to hold a viewing and a ceremony or a memorial service. In this way, family, friends, and associates can pay their final respects to the departed.

Burials vs. Cremation

The funeral flowers used for burials are also the same funeral flowers that can be used for a cremation funeral service. In burial, the flowers are sent to the churchyard or the cemetery. The flowers are placed near the grave during the burial. After the burial, the family is allowed to leave some of the funeral flowers on the gravesite while there is yet to be placed a tombstone. It is important to remove wrappings so as not to litter the cemetery or churchyard. More important is to inquire about the churchyard or cemetery’s rules when it comes to leaving floral tributes for your departed loved one.

In cremation, the funeral flowers will be sent to the crematorium. The funeral flowers will be placed at the flower terrace during the funeral service. Often, the flowers can remain in the crematorium for a day or up to 4 days after the funeral service as a remembrance of your loved one. Then, the crematorium staff shall remove them. You also have the option of collecting the flowers from the display area 3 or 4 days after the funeral service.

What types of flowers for a cremation

Families can have simple or extravagant funeral flower arrangements for the funeral service of their loved one even if it is a cremation service. Your family can contact your local florist to order a lovely floral spray for the casket. Your friends and relatives can also offer a floral arrangement on a stand or bouquets in vases for the viewing. Keep in mind that the floral tributes need to be removed from the top of the casket before the cremation.

Should you also opt to have a ceremony following the cremation your florist can create beautiful floral arrangements that will surround the cremation urn. A funeral wreath is also wonderful around the urn. You can also use the petals of your loved one’s favorite flower when scattering their ashes.

In funerals and memorial services, it is customary to send white flowers. This is because white symbolizes reverence and innocence. You may also send flowers that are associated with hope and rebirth such as hyacinths, daffodils, and irises.

You are not really limited to white flowers for a funeral service. Your florist can even create a unique arrangement shaped into a heart, a cross, a toy car for young deceased, and arrangements using the colors of the national flag.

Consider the flowers that the deceased loved the most. Some popular and well-liked flowers include sunflowers, roses, tulips, and orchids.

Sending flowers for a cremation service

If you heard that a relative or a friend is being cremated and viewing and service will be held, you can send cremation flowers as you would send funeral flowers to a funeral home. A cremation ceremony can be a lot like a traditional funeral service. There can be music, prayers, as well as the sending of flowers.


Keep in mind that some families may request their friends to give donations to a preferred charity instead of sending floral tributes. If you encounter this kind of request, it is wise to pay respect to the family by heeding their request.


In most cases, a lovely funeral bouquet in a vase or some memorial plants can beautify the crematorium viewing area and can surround the urn if there is an after-service.


After Cremation

After the ceremony, the flowers can be left in the crematorium and may be collected by the family a few days later. The family can also bring the flowers home with them. Like funeral flowers for burial, the flowers can be used to fill the home with a remembrance of your loved one and a reminder that you are not alone at this time of grief and sorrow.

You can also plant flowers in your yard. When giving flowers, you may opt to send flowers that last like hardy carnations, chrysanthemums, and orchids. You can also request your florist to make a cremation wreath of dried or preserved flowers.

The cremation flowers can also be pressed and used for a scrapbook you can make in loving memory of the departed. You can also give the cremation flowers to hospitals and retirement homes provided that you arrange for the donation ahead of time. Some hospitals don’t accept donated flowers. If you are donating the flowers or giving them away to family and friends, do remove the cards and also don’t donate flowers that were obviously used for death.

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