Have you ever wonder why you smell funeral flowers all of a sudden even if you are not in a funeral home? The reason is probably that someone sprayed a Lily-scent fragrance or someone lighted up a Lily-scent candle. Another reason is possible because there is a Lily flower around. Lilies are common in any funeral home. Whenever funeral flowers are required, the flowers of Lily are always one of the popular choices. This type of flower is not only beautiful and meaningful but long-lasting and has that unique fragrance that you can smell right away. Learn about the flowers of Lilies to know why you smell funeral flowers.

  • Casa Blanca Lily

This Oriental Lily is a naturally scented flower. In fact, it is considered as one of the flowers that are heavily scented. The plant of Casa Blanca can have plenty of blooms. A stem can produce from 6 to 8 blossoms of Lily flowers. Because of this, having a plant in the patio will give such a strong scent as if you are smelling funeral flowers. If you happen to sit or stay somewhere with Casa Blanca Lily around, you will surely recognize the smell.

  • Dizzy Lily

Another type of Oriental Lily, this flower gives a smell similar to that in the funeral but in a delightful and pleasant way. When you smell its blossoms, you will think that you smelled funeral flowers. The scent can last long just as how the petals last. Up to the last petal of the flower, you can smell its fragrance. Aside from the pleasurable scent, this flower is also beautiful and attractive in its large ruffled petals. The red speckles on the petals make the flower more interesting. The next time you smell it, don’t think you are at a funeral. It’s just the Dizzy Lily.

  • Muscadet Lily

The exotic beauty of Muscadet Lily is matched by its exotic scent. It is intensely scented that, whenever it is around, you will smell the fragrance and think that you are smelling funeral flowers. This Lily flower is ideal, though, for funeral flowers because of its unique beauty and rose-red speckles on the white petals. They make a meaningful sympathy flower arrangement, too, which can be sent to the family’s home to convey your message of sympathy and condolences. If you are smelling funeral flowers, a pot of Muscadet Lily plant is probably near you.

  • Star Gazer Lily

The crimson-pink color of petals is indeed adorable for the Star Gazer Lily. In addition to that, the petals also have some dark spots and white edges. This flower is distinguishable because of the heavy fragrance and flamboyant structure or shape. The flowers are not only long-lasting and durable. Its scent also lasts long with unforgettable fragrance. If you can smell a scent that associates to the funerals, it is probably because a bouquet or pot of Stargazers is there near the area. This flower is indeed an adorable one perfect for flower gifting and for funeral flowers.

  • Starfighter Lily

The purple-red flowers of Starfighter Lily are naturally adorable because of its beauty and its distinct fragrance. The rich color of the petals is also overwhelming. The petals have dark spots and ruffled edges that make the flower even more appealing. Each stalk of the plant produces up to 8 blooms that give such a scent that you will never forget. Similar to the Star Gazer, this flower is an ideal choice for funeral flowers. Whenever you smell that classic Lily fragrance, you are not in a funeral home but in a place where Starfighter Lily flowers are planted or arranged.

  • Tom Pouce Lily

The Tom Pouce Lily is a type of Lily that has magnificent fragrance. You will never miss that distinct smell of this flower as well as its adorable appearance. The soft petals have the purplish-pink color embellished with the brilliant yellow ribs and dark brown stamens. The durability of this flower is very reliable and the delightful fragrance gives that smell like the funeral flowers. If you are thinking you are smelling flowers of funerals, stay calm because you are not. You are only in the area where the Tom Pouce Lily is located.

  • White American Easter Lily

The White American Lily is a very impressive flower ideal not only for occasions and holidays but also for the funerals. It is a combination of fragrance and beauty. The trumpet-shaped flower is very attractive in its pure white color adorned with yellow stamens and green leaves. Every time you pass by it, you will not miss the fragrance it produces.

  • White Heaven Lily

The divine fragrance of this flower is sure to seduce you. It is elegantly attractive in its trumpet-like shape and huge blooms. The tip of the petals is bent backwards, adding elegance and beauty to its design. The delight scent of this flower will make you think that you are smelling funeral flowers.

The flowers of Lilies are a perfect funeral flower. It symbolizes innocence and peace. More than that, this type of flower is blessed to have a distinct scent or fragrance that you will never forget for a while after smelling it. Whenever you are near its blooms, you might think that there are funeral flowers around. The subtle scent and the delightful fragrance of the flowers make the room smells like it is a funeral home filled with funeral flowers.

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