Choosing what to wear for a funeral wake is quite a tough job. There are some quite simple fashion etiquettes but they are confusing at times because the fact is funeral wake is not just any other occasion.

You have to dress modestly so that you will not disrespect the family of the deceased and their feelings. When you are trying to finalize your funeral dress and considering what to wear you basically want to be respectful and modest towards the family of the deceased.

To help you to finalize the dressing of the funeral wake dress in this blog I will let you know about some of the ways that will make it easy for you to choose the dress.

So just keep reading the blog till the end!!


What is a wake?

Before telling you about the dressing let’s first understand what a wake is?

The first thing you need to know is that wake is not a funeral and it is basically arranged anywhere just outside the funeral place.

So basically wake is something that is more focused on meeting the family once the departure or death of their loved one. Wakes are quite informal in nature as compared to funerals and there are certain rituals that need to be followed.

Some families prefer to host a wake and also a funeral and the wake is hosted one before the services of the funeral. So this is basically an opportunity who cannot attend the funeral but still, they want to share their feeling with the family of the deceased.


What to wear?

Below are some of the tips that will help you to finalize your outfit for such an occasion:

  • Try to wear dull colors. When I say dull color it doesn’t always mean to wear black but try not to wear spunky colors or those salmon colored khakis that you have. Try to wear something neutral like dark green, white or grey.
  • Try to wear simple accessories. If you want to wear accessories then try to keep them simple. You can wear stud earnings or some pearl accessories but try to keep them minimal.
  • Your patterns should be simple. If you want to wear dress or a shirt with patterns try your maximum that it is subdued.
  • Don’t choose something that is too casual. Don’t wear something casual like jeans and t-shirts. But if you want to wear business casual that is acceptable.
  • Avoid fun or festive attires. There are times when the families of the deceased like to celebrate the life of the dead person on their wake if that is the case then you can wear festive clothes. Otherwise, always try to avoid colorful and festive clothes. As it may be perceived as disrespectful by the aggrieved family.

What should women wear at the funeral wake?

While deciding the costume for funeral wake women must remember that unlike other occasions where they are allowed to wear any dress this particular one is quite somber in nature.

Therefore it is always recommended to wear conservative styles as well as colors. Although you are not supposed to wear black always it is also ok if you want to wear a black outfit as black is the universally accepted sad color.

Other than black you can also go for blush colors, gray or any other neutral colors like beige. Apart from the costumes don’t wear oversized hoops or big earrings, layered bracelets or chunky necklaces.

And when it comes to shoe font go for heels rather than wear flats or mid-heels these are perfect for a funeral wake.


What women should not wear?

The main purpose of a wake or funeral is to pay your homage to the dead person and to show your condolence to the grieving family so women must avoid the following:

  • Loud and bright shades
  • Prominent or noisy or sparkling jewelry
  • Blouses or miniskirts with low cleavage

What men should wear for funeral wake?

Like always for women selection of an outfit for a funeral wake is pretty simple. Men are also expected to pay homage and show their respect and dress in some sort of semiformal dress.

For instance, some men like to wear dress pants, others like to go for a tailored suits and some others prefer tailored shirts with jeans. The color should also be kept in mind and it should also be a somber color like grey, blue or black.

As far as print is concerned men can wear checkered shirts or striped shirts and they can still manage to look formal.

Accessories and shoes are also an integral part of men’s costumes. For instance, some like to wear a tie with their suit and there are others who may choose to dismiss it and both are acceptable.

When it comes to shoes they must be well taken care of and polished. And depending upon the event men can wear sunglasses and also they can bring an umbrella if the funeral wake is held outside.


What men should not wear?

It is a fact that men have more option to choose from when it comes to costumes but still, there are things which they are not supposed to wear on such occasion and the list is given below:

  • Shirts or sport caps with writing over it
  • Accessories or colorful printed ties
  • Graphic t-shirts


Some of the exceptions

There are times when families want to pay tribute to their loved one so at that time they ask the attendants to wear a certain types of dress codes. So at that time, you need to

  • Dress casually
  • Wear your uniform
  • And wear sports cap if you have to

Still, if you are confused about what to wear then consult the family and then decide on what you should wear.

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