Once the funeral gets over, you will find that your home has filled up with loads of flowers and you do not know what to do with them. These flowers are really precious but you cannot keep them in your home because there is not enough space to fit them. Hence, if you do not want to waste them, then you will have multiple options.


You can follow the following techniques to keep the flowers alive.

  1. Floral Arrangement: It looks very beautiful when you have abundant flowers surrounding your home. But it is always a good idea not to take all of them home as one or two would be enough. You can keep them alive by bringing bouquets home in memory of the deceased. Bouquets add up to the beauty of your home and thus accentuating colour and vigour. Floral bouquets are a source of remembrance and also if the floral bouquet contains the deceased person’s favourite flower, then there’s nothing like it. Adorn your home with these arrangements as they are one of the best ways to keep the flower alive and offer care to the person who is in grief.
  2. Planting Flowers: Another great way to keep funeral flower alive is by planting them in the garden. If you have the flowers dangling in front of your eyes, it can always act as a source of remembrance, thus helping you to remember your loved ones. Hence, as you plant them, they remain in your garden and help you go down your memory lane. ‘
  3. Flower preservation: Are you planning to keep the funeral flowers for more than a couple of weeks? Well, if you are planning to keep the flowers alive and then you try a couple of tricks to preserve them. One of the most common tricks is to keep the flowers placed and then developing a keepsake. Again, flower petals can be very beneficial as you can use them for making candles, bookmarks, picture frames.
  4. As we have discussed earlier, preserving funeral flowers are one of the ways to keep them alive as these flowers hold sentiments and they cannot be easily thrown off. A simple process is pressing flowers. To press the flowers, you will need the following things:
  • Flowers,
  • Paper
  • A book
  • And microwave


The following steps can be followed to preserve the flowers:

  • Once you have a funeral flower with you, you put in on a paper the way you wish to preserve it.
  • Once everything is ready, cover the flower with another paper and put it the top of the flowers.
  • Now, get a heavy book and put it on the flowers and paper.
  • Continue to keep the book in the same way for a couple of days till the time the flower becomes dry.
  • If you want the process to happen quickly, you can put the flowers, book and paper in a microwave for a few minutes. Ensure to check it at regular intervals so that you do overheat them.
  • It is a strict no-no to keep the flowers in a refrigerator. Once you freeze the flowers and take them out, you will find they have turned into mushy substances.
  • Once the pressing is don, you can use them in various way and keep the memory alive.
  • Keeping the pressed flowers around the photo of the person, who has passed away is a good idea. For hanging it on the wall, it is essential to frame it. Alternatively, you can present it as a gift to the family members.
  • Getting a bookmark done: Your loved ones will always remain alive in your thoughts if you make a bookmark using the pressed flowers. As you select a book to read, it will take you down the memory lane and cherish the memorable moments that you had spent with the deceased. Create a bookmark by taking the pressed flowers and laminating them.
  • Another option includes making a candle or you can purchasing one from the store. Now take the pressed flowers and adorn the outer portion of the candle. Make a memorial for your beloved and continue to cherish the sweet memories.
  • Creating Ornaments: You can continue to remember the deceased person by creating an ornament. You can get acrylic matte and fix it using glue and continue to protect the flowers on a solid base of the ornament.
  • You can develop magnets for your refrigerator or wardrobes. As you create magnets, this will always keep you close to your loved ones. Purchasing the magnets with pockets to keep the pressed flowers is one of the best options. Otherwise, get a magnet from the market, and after laminating the pressed flowers, glue them and stick them on the magnet.
  • Adorning Jewelry Container: Some people love to adorn the jewelry box of the loved ones to keep them close to the memory. Continue to make a jewelry container by adorning them with the help of the pressed flowers. For the same purpose, you can use acrylic matte medium.
  • Creating a Scrapbook: Decorate your scrapbook with quotes, poems and photos and use the pressed flowers to create beautiful memories of your loved ones.
  • Developing a Shadow Box: Take some of the belongings of the beloved person and put the possession in a shadow box. You can decorate the outside and inside of the shadow box using pressed flowers.
  • Create journal papers: Continue to keep the flowers alive by creating journal papers so that it will help you to note down the memories that you cherish about the beloved person. It will help you get over the process of grieving and keep the memories of the beloved always near you.


After you make this stuff, if you are still left out with some flowers, a good idea is to give it to people who were fond of the deceased. You can ask them to make a keepsake and continue to cherish the memories of the loved one.

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