According to the report, flowers lead to the enhancement of positive emotions. While mourning, people often get funeral flowers, which means a lot to a person who has lost their loved ones. Even after the funeral gets over, families use the flowers to showcase it, and they turn into mementos.


So, people can preserve different flowers, and there are various methods used by people to protect them. Again, the method that one chooses is based on the type of flower and what you want to do with the flowers once the funeral gets over. No matter what you want to do with the flower, starting from displaying them on the dining table or developing mementos- here are some tips that can be beneficial when it comes to preserving the flowers.


Life spans of flowers:

Here are some funeral flowers along with their life spans:


  1. Carnations- it lasts up to 2 weeks.
  2. Orchids- it can last up to 2 weeks
  3. Roses- last even up to 12 days
  4. Lilies- lasts up to 11 days
  5. Tulips- lasts even up to 7 days


Some care tips for cut flowers are as follows:

  • Continue to showcase the flowers post-funeral with these tips:

Once you decide to place the flowers into a vase, the first thing that you must do is cut the bottoms of the stems from a certain angle. Following this way, the flowers will utilize the water better.

  • It is always a good idea to recut the stems and get rid of the leaves that can easily fall and thus prevent the growth of bacteria. You must check them regularly to ensure there are no loose or dead leaves.
  • Now that the vase is prepared, it is time to disinfect the flower vase and fill up the flower vase with water. After this, fetch flower food packet and mix the flower food properly. Cleaning the jar and adding room-temperature water must be a part of your daily regime.
  • Keep your vase away from direct sunlight and do bring it to any source of heat.
  • Also, do not carry the jar near fruits which are ripening as flowers age more rapidly.
  • Try making your DIY flower food if you do not want to use the ones that are readily available in the market.
  • Mementoes from funeral flowers
  • Another way to preserve the funeral flower is by developing mementoes using funeral flowers. The following are the ideas which can be used to create flower mementoes.
  • One can build a dried flower shadowbox very quickly by arranging the flowers in the box and keep poems, quotes and photos alongside the shadowbox which is also known as dried flower shadowbox.
  • A memorial ornament can be made by putting the flower in a decoration which is made up of glass and hook it and continue to showcase it in your house.
  • Another option of preserving the flowers include arranging them in a photo-frame and using a drying method called pressed-flower method to create a memento.
  • Place a spoon over a candle and heat it; this way you can decorate a candle. Next, press it gently on to the candle and get rid of the excess parts of the flower using a scissor.
  • Flowers can be dried using various ways; out of which, pressed-flower drying method is one of the better ways. As stated earlier, the photo-frames pressed flower can be made very quickly.
  • One of the most convenient ways to dry the flowers is known as air-drying flower method. Pour the vase with a few inches of water and leave them for a few days. Soon, the flowers will start to dry out as soon as the evaporation takes place. Hydrangea is the flower that can be easily dried out using air-drying methods.
  • Some other flower drying methods include drying them in containers that are microwave-safe, and they contain silica, cat litter or gel as these are great drying agents. Keep the stems short and along with the box while you microwave them as it will help to get rid of burning or burning. After heating the container for at least 2 minutes, let the container cool for a day. Using a paintbrush, get rid of the drying agents and make them ready. This drying method is best for flowers like roses that have brittle and softer petals.
  • On the other hand, if you can wait longer, then you do not have to use a microwave. Take a container that contains silica get and keep it sealed for almost about a week. It is vital to keep the box in a dry place. As soon as the flowers start to dry out, get rid of the flowers, and it is the perfect method for flowers like lilies.
  • Book pressing is another drying method that can help press the flowers and thus facilitate flower preservation. This method of conservation is one of the most natural ways as you can use any book to press the flower. Although this can be a secure method; however, but this process takes place very slowly. It can even take a month for the flowers to dry out thoroughly. However, the best part with this drying method is your workload minimizes to minimal as there is not much effort associated with this technique. Flowers, although take time to dry out, but once done, the results are exceptional and on the downside, when you get rid of the stems pressing works the best.
  • To make this method work, you will require a book cover, such as a coffee-table tome or dictionary, a few paper sheets and scissors. Remove the stems as much as possible and use a book and put the bud of the flower in the middle of the pages and close the book once done.
  • The techniques mentioned above will help to turn the flowers into mementos. It is the best idea to experiment with some of the methods until you get the right one that provides you with the best results.

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