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Funeral flowers have become the custom and tradition of the society. People like to give them and accept them at funerals or wakes. It has been a long time that people are practicing this tradition and everyone likes it. Funeral flowers have their importance and are considered precious as they are given and taken for the sake of a deceased person who has left the world and his loved ones. Family of the deceased feel that these flowers are linked to him that is why so precious and important for them and they are in a way connected to the departed soul. But the funeral flowers selection is not as simple as it looked to be. It is a difficult and time taking task to select appropriate flowers according to the event and situation. Flowers have their language to express your feelings and sentiments so the colors are. The colors of these flowers have their meanings and understandings. Various types of flowers are given as funeral flowers and these have multiple colors to choose. The type of flowers and their various colors have their symbolic meanings. Some of them are given for your understanding that how these flowers and their specific colors can be taken or understood if you choose to give them to anyone as funeral flowers.


Some Famous Funeral Flowers And Their Colors For The Expression Of Some Specific Emotions And Feelings

If you go to a flower shop for the selection of flowers for a funeral, you will find a large variety of beautiful and attractive flowers in various colors to choose from for the event. It is up to you which color you choose for the occasion. This information about the colors of the flowers and their meaning can be helpful for you that which flower in which color will be appropriate for you to express your feelings.



Rose is the most beautiful flower and is excessively used for every occasion irrespective of the occasion or event. This is equally popular for the days of happiness as well as for funerals and wakes. It has an extensive range of colors and some of them are commonly used for almost every occasion. The colors which are most popular in rose are; red, yellow, white, and pink. Each color represents its own separate emotion.

Red – It symbolizes love and affection. This is a bright color that represents life and activity. But this is also used at funerals to show love and care for the deceased as well as for his family.

Pink – This is a soft color that shows the mild nature and mostly used for females. If a female has died then it is accurate to choose a pink color to give on funeral or wake. It represents elegance and grace.

Yellow – This is also one of the soft colors and it is used to show friendship with the person whom it is given.

White – White is the color of purity and cleanliness. It is excessively used for funerals and wakes. If you have to give flowers at the funeral, you can choose a white color without any hesitation because this is the color of funeral and most commonly used at funerals or wakes to display at homes, halls, or graves.



This flower is also very beautiful to look at and with this beauty it has another feature for which this is also used excessively at the funeral and that is its long last nature. It can be kept for a long period.

Pink – Soft pink color of carnation flower shows commemoration. This is one of the best choices for funerals. It will deliver your message that you are remembering the deceased person.

White – White color is the color of funerals because it shows purity and innocence and shows your good views about the departed person that he was the pure and innocent soul and may God bless him.

Red – Red the color of love and care. Expressing love at any occasion is the best feeling to express for your loved ones. So you can choose carnation in red for funerals.



Lily is also known as the flower of death or funerals because of its excessive use on this occasion. Though this flower has many beautiful colors it is chosen in white color for funerals which means purity and innocence. This flower in white color has the message or meaning about the purity of the soul of the deceased. If you experience to visit any funeral ceremony, you will find the smell of tulips around there.



Tulip is a beautiful flower and has unique petals. This is also available in various beautiful and attractive colors. Red, white, yellow, and purple tulips are commonly used for funerals and wakes. These can be given in one color or you can select a bouquet or arrangement of multiple colors. These colors represent love, care, affection, respect, gratitude, peach, and purity but the basic message which this flower delivers is the message of courage for the family of the deceased which is much needed to them at this time of loss and pain. Though every color has its meaning tulip itself means courage in every color.

So, it is not an easy task to select the right flowers for the funerals. You must have the idea that what are the colors of these flowers symbolize. These bright and beautiful colors have meanings behind them and the selection of these flowers should be according to the feeling and emotion you want to convey to the person whom you are going to present them. Though these are accepted in all colors at funerals mostly light colors are preferred because bright and dark colors are considered the colors of happiness and joy. So it is important to choose light colors for the occasion which will look more decent and appropriate according to that specific day or just think for a while that what are your feelings which you want to convey and which are the flowers that can send your sympathy message properly.

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