Ever wonder what you would want people to play during your funeral? Well, it is indeed a taboo topic, but this is definitely a bullet to a funeral organizer’s checklist. Some bereaved families just wing it by telling the funeral service to just play whatever is in their playlist. However, as funeral traditions go modern through the years, many have already considered it not as a traditional service for the departed but as a celebration of their lives in general.

If you want to customize a playlist during the processional, then you can do so by giving a list to the funeral organizer. You may want to choose songs on the softer and more mellow side that are centrally about remembering and reminiscing past moments and memories. Do not worry as we have listed down a few songs that you can choose from if you are having a hard time looking for great and best fitting funerals songs.

  • Remembering A Father
    • You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
      • This song is indeed a classic especially if the deceased is a father or even a mother who has cared and raised his or her children well. this song is very emotional but also has a deep meaning and powerful lyrics. It also triggers great memories during the bereaved family’s moments with the departed. Overall, this song is a classic that should not go away from the funeral playlist.
    • Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross
      • This song is usually played during weddings or debuts when the father of the bride or birthday celebrant dances with them. However, it can also be used as a funeral song as it bears deep meaning with fatherly love and the longing to dance with him one last time.
    • When I Get Where I’m Going by Brad Paisley
      • A father only wants their children to be successful in their lives. Of course, not all fathers witness their children to flourish with their careers and life in general. That is why this song is a great choice as it bears deeper meaning about making your father proud even if he is up in heaven. It also has strong lyrics about memories and how to use those as motivation for success.


  • Remembering A Mother
    • Hero by Mariah Carey
      • This classic Mariah song is indeed a very generic but still poignant masterpiece that was written to remember how someone became a hero in your life, especially mothers. Mothers are indeed heroes in everyone’s lives in any shape or form. They always do their best to support their children and family in a way that is selfless but still fulfilling in their part. This song should not be missed in the funeral playlist as it is both sad and encouraging to continue life albeit the loss.
    • Mama by Il Divo
      • This song is indeed great to remember mothers in their own unique and special way. Mothers indeed know best, and they will do anything for their children. This song is a classic and gives a deeper meaning to what mothers are willing to sacrifice for their beloved. It also gives meaning to a child who wants to ask forgiveness for his or her wrongdoings and to ask for guidance as he or she moves on with life.


  • Remembering a Friend
    • See You Again by Charlie Puth
      • This modern yet very empowering song is great to play at a friend’s funeral. This song gives off hope that someday, in a not too distant future, they will all meet again and tell stories about the past and the present. This song has a piano ballad that is perfect for a peaceful ceremony. This song really strikes straight to heart.
    • Smile by Nat King Cole
      • This song is an old one but still a favored classic. Someone’s death can be very sad but the departed never wants you to feel that way all the time. Eventually, the bereaved family and friends would have to move on in life and smile. Smiling is indeed an underrated gesture but it really changes everyone’s mood including yours. This song is a classic that will always stand the test of time.


  • Classic Funeral Songs
    • Mourning Music by Luo Lang
      • This song has a very deep inclination to folk Chinese rhythms. Luo Lang adapted its very traditional tune to the folk songs initially composed in northern China. Because of this, China has used the Mourning Music for funeral processions both for high-power people and commoners as well. Luo Lang, who was very fond of helping people, have declared the music to be free. Many years before his death, he publicly shared that he will not be collecting any royalties and shares for Mourning Music as it is his gift to the people. Up until this day, Mourning Music is a very famous song being played in many funeral processions.
    • Amazing Grace by Various Artists
      • This song is usually played if the family is Christian or Catholic. This song gives a meaning of giving praise and worship and how God was able to bless the departed’s life fruitfully when he or she was still alive. This song is a classic as it sounds sad, but its lyrics give an impression of hope and prayers.

There you have it! Of course, there are still a lot of other songs to choose from, but the songs listed above are a few of the classic ones usually played during the funeral procession. Always remember that the songs you must pick should be handcrafted to the departed to properly fit and set the mood right during the procession. You may also ask friends and families for their song requests that they want to offer to the departed. As long as it means giving positive messages and respect to the departed, the song is already fitting to this celebration of life.

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