There is a simple guideline when it comes to what clothes to wear going to a funeral. A good rule of thumb on how to dress for a funeral is that consider the event a serious business meeting. While it is expected that guests and visitors arrive in a black dress, it does not mean that black is your only option in terms of color. There are many colors and styles to choose from, however, it is best to consider color and style that shows respect. In choosing a dress to wear and everything about what to wear at a funeral, there are several things to keep in mind. Check these out:

For Women:

  • Choose Conservative Dress

Women will never go wrong in a conservative dress. The funeral attire should be reflective of the solemn nature of the affair. You can wear a black dress or any dress in dark colors that covers the shoulders and arms and the knees. You can also use a shawl to cover the shoulder or wear a business suit to look more formal. Conservative funeral dresses for women do not really have to be a dress in flowing skirts. A pair of pants will do as long as it has a nice top in a decent style appropriate for the funeral.

  • Choose Comfortable Design instead of Fashionable Design

Attending a funeral does not mean sitting at the pew or chair for an hour or two. There are times you need to stand up and walk or have a few words with the grieving family. The choice of clothes you wear at the funeral should be comfortable for you. Not only that, but you also have to pair your clothes with a pair of shoes suitable for the clothes you wear. Even if you have the cutest pair of high heels, they may not suit the affair.

  • Choose Subtle Colors

Subtle, and not vibrant, colors are most suitable when it comes to dressing up for the funeral event. This is a somber moment and it is not a fashion show where colorful clothes can be worn. Subtle colors like black and gray are acceptable. You can also choose white clothes but not clothes with printed and floral designs.

  • Choose to Be Simple

To dress properly for the funeral, you don’t have to wear glamorous jewelry and even makeup. A pair of simple earrings may do to accessorize but not the flashy and overly stylish jewelry.

  • Choose Clothes Suitable for a Summer Funeral

If it is summer season, clothes in the lighter fabric is a wise choice. On the other hand, the style and design should be appropriate for the solemn event. Cotton fabrics are among the ideal choices. In case the funeral happens in the winter season, you can choose thick clothes to keep the body warm and protected from the cool or freezing temperature outside. In addition, you can also put on a wool coat or a scarf and wear a pair of gloves and a hat.

For Men:

  • Choose Casual but Decent Clothes

Clothes for men who are going or attending a funeral should be decent even in a casual or simple style. You can wear a suit with a tie and a pair of slacks. You can match it with a pair of black shoes. For men who are members of the immediate family, a more formal style would be appropriate. For guests and visitors, simple casual but decent attire would do.

  • Choose Dark Colors

Dark-colored attire is proper when it comes to men’s clothes for the funeral. There are also neutral colors that are suitable for men’s attire at the funeral. Aside from black and white, you can wear suits or tops in grey color. On the other hand, the colors that you should avoid are bright and vivid colors.

  • Choose Clothes that Match with the Shoes

Shoes and suit that match are the best choice to wear for the funeral. If you choose to wear suit in a dark blue or dark grey color or black suit, you can match it with a pair of black shoes. On the other hand, Brown shoes may go well on a suit and pair of brown or light brown pants.

Funeral Attire According to Tradition or Culture:

Based on tradition and culture, wearing black is a sign of mourning. On the other hand, in the eastern regions, people are accustomed to wearing white as the funeral attire to signify mourning and purity. In other parts of the world, specifically in Thailand and Brazil, people prefer to wear purple funeral dresses to express mourning.

In Egypt, the most traditional color of clothes that a deceased person wears is gold or yellow, which is meant to symbolize the afterlife. In Papua New Guinea, the color of a woman mourning for the loss of a husband is grey.

Aside from the colors, there are simple but significant cultural colors in other regions and ethnic tribes that are to be chosen for the dress to wear at the funeral and colors that should be avoided. On the other hand, there are some families who request their friends, guests, and visitors to wear specific type or color of clothes to wear if they wish to attend the funeral service and the burial ceremony. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask the organizer or the immediate family for the color of the dress to avoid wearing clothes inoffensive colors.

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