Funeral flowers are the best ways to show your concern and to say that you are there for the person who is grieving. There are a lot of funeral flowers you can choose from and order. You can even send it if you find that you have no time to drop by on that day. Flowers are a sure way to make the grieving party feel your presence and sympathy.

If you have never been to a funeral, then you are probably not sure where you should send your funeral flowers. For most of you, you have probably been to one and have noticed the variety of flower arrangements in a funeral home. A funeral home is usually full of funeral flowers. These flowers are more than just decorations to keep the place from becoming to somber as flowers are also meant to show respect. They are also there to provide some level of cheer and comfort for those who are mourning. They provide the room with warmth and beauty.


Where should you send your funeral flowers

There is actually no rule to where or when you should send the funeral flowers. A lot of people may not be sure how to send them, but most florists offer delivery services that can get your flowers where they are needed. There are also some people who hesitate to send flowers because of the fact they are not sure which flowers would be appropriate. The good thing about flowers is that any flower would do to make the perfect flower arrangement. You can also always ask your local florist or florists online to know which flowers are best used for funerals.


  1. Funeral Home – If you planning to send your funeral flowers to the funeral, then you definitely should. The funeral home is usually the best place to send your flowers as the service can last up to 9 to 11 days. This should also guarantee that the grieving family will receive your condolences.
  2. Memorial Service – If the memorial service will be held somewhere other than the funeral home, like a church for example, then you should definitely send it there to make sure the family that is grieving would be able to receive it.
  3. Charity of Choice – Some families would like to have you offer to a charity of their choice. It is always good to follow their wishes and not force your flower arrangement to them if they have specifically asked that the best thing would be to donate to charity. Of course, there is nothing wrong with donating to the charity and giving them a unique flower arrangement as well.


Types of Flower Arrangements

There are many types of flower arrangement to choose from. They can vary based on a lot of factors according to custom, region and even personal preference. There are many types to choose from, from a wreath to flower arrangements in a bowl or vase. You can definitely ask the florist to deliver your flower arrangement to the funeral home or gravesite as most of them do offer this service.


Here are some Funeral flower types you might choose from:

  • Standing Sprays/ Funeral Flower Stand – These are usually the most common type of funeral flower arrangements that people can see in funerals. These are large arrangements with large flowers that can be seen at any point in the room.


  • For the Casket– The flowers on the casket are usually provided by the family but if you want to give flowers for the casket, make sure they are large and beautiful that can easily be draped over the casket.


  • Arrangements to take home – Smaller arrangements in vases and bowls could be a good idea so it could be taken home. This type of flower arrangement is perfect if you are close to the family.



  • A funeral for a child – a funeral for a child would seem more somber and smaller. You should choose something small and simple that does not overpower the casket.


  • Flowers and Plants – If you want something more sentimental, live plants and flowers should be a good idea. These can be taken home by the family members and be placed in their yard or garden as a constant memory of the one that has passed away.


When to send funeral flowers

Like stated above, you can send it at any time. Just make sure that you know when the funeral would start or end so that your flowers will not arrive too early or too late. If you are sending it to the family’s home, then there is never a time that is too early or too late. You can even have flowers delivered every few months to show that you are thinking and are with the grieving family.

Now that you know a little thing about sending funeral flowers, you should make sure that you get or order the flower arrangement on time to avoid delay. Add a simple and personal message of condolences or sympathy to your flower arrangement to add a more touching effect on your flower arrangements. Make sure to be brief and sensitive with choosing a message or words to send to those who are grieving. There is never a right time to lose someone, but it is always the right time to make sure the people know you care.

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