A memorial service is a commemorative service dedicated to the memories in honor of a deceased loved one. It is usually held after the burial or after the cremation. On the said memorial service, the family gives honor and respect or celebrates the life of a deceased loved one. Whether it is a simple celebration of life or a gathering of the family to honor the person, the main purpose is to acknowledge the beautiful life that was once lived. To understand why you have to hold a memorial service for a loved one, here are some of the facts worth knowing:


  • What Is a Memorial Service

A Memorial service is referred to as a family gathering memorializing a lost loved one. Similar to a funeral service wherein the family gathers together with relatives, friends, and colleagues to honor a deceased person, it is a service done without the remains or body of the loved one who passed away.

On the other hand, if the deceased person’s remains were cremated and a service is held after the cremation, it is a memorial service. The surviving family may choose to place the cremation urn on top of a table together with the person’s image or photograph. A framed portrait is usually adorned with a vase of fresh funeral flowers or with a meaningful flower arrangement.

You can have it held in your home where you and your family, relatives, and friends feel more comfortable. On the other hand, you may also choose a venue for the said event. You can rent a function room or a banquet hall, if the number of attendance is large. The church can be the venue, too, for a religious-style memorial service.

  • How Much Does It Cost

A memorial service usually costs lower compared to the cost of a funeral service. It may cost around $500 to $800 depending on the specific details and selected venue. If you are planning for a simpler but meaningful memorial service to memorialize a loved one, it may even cost you less. Total amount of expenses may vary depending on the program you prepare.


  • Who Leads the Memorial Service

A memorial service is often led by a celebrant or a person trained and an expert to conduct the memorial ceremony. A celebrant has the expertise when it comes to storytelling or holding ceremonies and programs.

Being the leader, he or she will work closely together with the surviving family and closest friends. He will create a ceremony wherein culture, tradition, or belief is reflected as the family memorializes a deceased loved one.


  • Why Memorial Service is Important

There are many reasons that make memorial service an important event. It allows you and your family to give a meaningful tribute to a deceased loved one. Everyone may share their own special memories and thoughts of the person. It allows the surviving family and friends to give honor to their loved one through the service. As they talk about the good character and personality of the person, it allows them to mourn and grieve, and at the same time feel the relief as they pour out their grief.

This is also a time to celebrate the person’s unique life, allowing everyone to celebrate a successful life and all the achievements. By putting the deceased person in the spotlight, the memorial service will surely be one memorable and meaningful gathering for the surviving family.

In addition to that, as relatives and friends share beautiful memories of the person, it allows the family to feel the care and love of everyone not only for the deceased person but also for them. Knowing that there are people who acknowledge the success of your deceased loved one, your family will somehow feel comforted.

Holding a memorial service for a loved one who passed away is also a way for friends and relatives to show they care. Some will come and attend the service not only to remember the person but also to give you support and comfort, thus make it easier to have a sense of closure. With people showing their care and concern, the steps to healing and recovery is possible even after only a short time.

The memorial service is important also because it highlights the spiritual aspect of life. Despite the richness and wealth or the success and health, that life will somehow end at the time appointed. It helps make life a realization that what is important is not the thing that money can buy but the goodness showed to everyone.


  • What Is Expected In a Memorial Service

Aside from the ceremony, which is led by a celebrant, other ideas to make the memorial service meaningful and personalized include the use of memorial release, display of collection of photos, music playlist that the deceased person loved playing before, showcasing of hobbies and favorite items, and serving food and drinks. As relatives and friends memorialize your loved one, they share your grief and emotions, too.

There are many things to reflect upon in every memorial service. When you plan it, you can use it to close a deceased person’s chapter of life and at the same time to offer everyone present in the event the real value of life. The death of a loved one can be so painful and full of grief but with an organized memorial service, you will be able to cope up and heal from pain.

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