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Grandmother, Grandma, Granny, Gran, Nana, Lola, YaYa, Nona, and NaiNai—wherever in the world you are and whatever name you fondly called your mother’s mother or your father’s mother, or perhaps a grandmother you are not related to by blood, it is always fitting to send funeral flowers when this amazing woman passes on before us.

The loss of a grandma can be heartbreaking. Even though the passing of someone in their old age is inevitable, we still hope that we would somehow not have to face the death of a woman very close to our heart. Our grandmothers are a symbol of unconditional love. They are always waiting for us with warm, home-cooked meals and tell us not to mind them when we often have to say we cannot come. In our busy schedules, she was always just ready to show her love and care to her children and grandchildren in ways unthinkable.

When grandma dies, you can feel that strong tug in your heart. It always brings you back to your childhood no matter how much you have been pulled into the hectic life of an adult.


Choosing funeral flowers for grandma

As we remember our Nana, we also think of her favorite flowers. It could be that she tends a yard full of daisies and daffodils or she had a fondness for orchids and succulents, then this would be the perfect time to give funeral flowers that celebrate everything that reminds us of our grandma. You can also opt to buy flowers in your grandma’s favorite color.

It is a good thing to choose flowers that you’re grandma loved. We can buy lovely bouquets or opt for exquisite arrangements and grand floral sprays. You can order a classic wreath of white flowers from your local florist but if you really want to make the floral tribute a special one, request for a heart-shaped tribute or a pillow-shaped tribute. If your grandmother was religious, you can have the flowers arranged like an angel, a star, or a cross. Calla lilies, roses, and willows look especially stunning in a cross wreath floral tribute. A nice trend is to create a floral monogram spelling out Grandma, Gran, or any other special name you call your grandmother.

Keep in mind that you are not constrained to flower arrangements that look like they are really meant for a funeral. You may later consider donating the floral tributes to a hospice care, retirement home, or hospital. If your grandma spent some time in such places before her passing, it will also be a loving remembrance of her for the staff and other grandparents there. You may even want to spend time with the grandparents there and look back on fond memories of your loving nana.


What to write on the sash or banner?

You will want to write a message of love, admiration, and thanksgiving for your grandmother on the funeral wreath or spray sash. Consider short and sweet messages in loving tribute of your Grand-mère such as these:

In loving memory of our beloved grandmother

Nan, forever in our thoughts

To the sweetest grandmother, you will forever be missed

Our dearest grandma, thank you for all the precious memories

Thank you Grandmother, for all the fun times and joyous memories

Gran, no words can express how grateful we are to have a loving and caring grandmother. Thank you for the life lessons you instilled in us. We miss you and love you so.

We love you Grandma


What to write on the card?

What you write in the card for a funeral service will be read by the rest of the family. It is a good thing to send hope and comfort to the members of the family as you remember your grandmother. You can write the words in your own ways. Keep it sweet and radiate loving memories of your grandmother. You can also share an experience you won’t forget about your beautiful grandmother from the scent of her cologne, to her favorite dance, and her favorite flowers.

You may include a lengthier message to pay tribute to your grandmother such as these:

To my loving grandma who has left me for heaven, may your soul rest in peace. We hope we will all overcome this grief.

My sweet YaYa, we are missing you so much. I cannot believe you are no longer here with us. Sending you these lovely flowers for your funeral. May your soul rest in peace.

My beautiful Lola, I send your favorite flowers for your funeral. You will always be remembered.

Sending your favorite flowers for your funeral Nona, I pray to the Lord to bless your soul with eternal peace.

I send funeral flowers for my Grandmamma as she laid down to rest. May you rest in the arms of our Creator.


Ordering funeral flowers for Grandma

It is important that you contact your florist for a beautiful arrangement once you know about your grandmother’s passing. This will ensure that you will have the floral tribute ready for the viewing and the funeral service. It is a lovely gesture to send flowers to the funeral of your grandmother in loving memory of her.

You can browse through our catalog of floral tributes for your loved ones on our website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can get in touch with our local florist and request for a unique arrangement that will best represent your memories of gran.

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