Whenever you come across the death of a family member, a coworker or a friend, you usually express the grief with sympathy that can be done with funeral flowers. Flowers are more than a card, and they signify reminiscence and sadness. Flowers are a perfect choice because they serve a great reminder. With funeral flowers, the family that has lost their loved ones will remember their beloved with heavy hearts.

This article talks about the 12 different plants that are best for funerals.

  1. Serene Retreat: Serene Retreat includes green plants which can be best for your office or home. Besides being suitable for your home, it is perfect for funeral occasions. They are the best collection and can fit in as funeral flowers.
  2. Peace Lily: Peace lily is one of the best plants that can be given during the funeral. Popularly known as Spath or spathiphyllum, peace lilies are green plants and include white bloom that develops around up to 6 feet. If you are looking for sending a message that symbolizes serenity and purity, there is nothing like peace lily. Peace Lily generally comes in baskets, thus conveying elegance and peace.
  3. Pothos Plants: No matter of the popularity of Peace Lily and how much people use them during funerals, the list remains incomplete if you miss out on mentioning Pothos plants. Pothos do not need significant maintenance; hence they can also be suitable flowers. To honour the deceased person or cherish his memory, presenting the pothos in a basket can be a great option. Although it does not need light and or too much maintenance, they can be great as they are sophisticated and elegant flowers. As they develop fast, they are perfect for building up the sentiment of condolence.
  4. Croton: Another flower that needs a mention is croton. They are beautiful flowers, and they can be a superb choice for funerals. These plants have glossy leaves, and it has a colour combination of green, oranges and yellows. They are vibrant flowers, and they add dignity and elegance. It serves as one of the best funeral flowers because it can brighten up a person’s life, and they can be easily maintained.
  5. The Schefflera Arboricola: This is another notable plant that can be used for funerals. Commonly known as a dwarf umbrella, this plant can also be an excellent option for adorning the indoors. Although this plant needs high light levels, they can also easily adjust with less light.
  6. Lilies: When it comes to sending funeral flowers, another option is the white lilies. Nothing can go wrong with these graceful flowers. Lilies are a symbol of innocence, and especially Calla lily flowers depict purity and righteousness. That is the reason why these flowers are beloved and one of the most prominent flowers.
  7. Chrysanthemums: In many countries around the world, Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular choices. Popularly known as mums, these are traditional funeral flowers. These flowers symbolize death in some European countries around the world. These flowers are only used at funerals, and they symbolize grief, sadness and lamentation.
  8. Rose: Roses are romantic as well as funeral flowers too. White roses symbolize innocence, righteousness, truth and purity. Irrespective of the relationship, they are the best flowers with which condolences are expressed. On the other hand, pink roses stand for love and affection. Red roses are a source of courage and love. Dark crimson roses stand for grief. They are commonly used in funeral arrangements.
  9. Carnation: They are best for funerals as carnations are known for their aura and aroma. They give rise to admiration and while carnations denote passion and purity. Pink carnations, on the other hand, depict reminiscence and tribute. These carnations are known to the best flowers that one can send for an older adult, particularly a mother or grandmother’s funeral.
  10. Gladioli: These flowers are tall, and one stem has many herbs that can grow up to 4 feet in height. For general services, they are used in fan sprays. These flowers symbolize purity and integrity.
  11. Tulips: Tulip flowers symbolize rejuvenation and a fresh start. You can send them to a person who is upset about a death that might have happened in the family as these flowers are a source of encouragement. A good idea is to send these flowers to the deceased house so that they can get over the grief with time. White tulip denotes grace and mercy, and purple tulips are a source of the aristocracy.
  12. Daffodils: Daffodils are a source of freshness and vibrance.

Traditional flowers that can be used to evoke sympathy:

  • Some flowers can be used for evoking sympathy and mainly used to mourn the death of the beloved. One of the most prominent flowers is white orchid and peace lily. The white symbolizes integrity and purity, and these flowers are also symbols of the soul rebirth. Being a sensitive flower, orchids are needed to be cultivated carefully, and some of them are also durable. Some other traditional choices include gardenias and white roses.
  • Another good option that can go for is potted green plants. They denote life after birth and rebirth, and they are a source of immortality. Some people who are mourning a recent death are fond of receiving pothos. You can keep it wrapped and place it in the living room, and it can work as a remembrance.
  • Ferns are also popular choices for sending condolences. Ferns are leafy plants, and they can quickly bring a smile to anybody’s face. For the spring season, azalea and hydrangea are good options. In the fall, you can go for chrysanthemum.
  • Bonsai plants are an excellent source for renewal. In the modern-day, Bonsai has become a growing hobby. In recent times, reserving a memory garden has become a popular trend.
  • When it comes to sending flowers for funerals, it is essential to choose the right flower to express your feelings for the deceased. For instance, bamboo denotes strength, and Anemone is a source of healing.

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