Death is the only thing that is sure in life. Although death refers to the end of life or cessation of the physical body functions, to other tribes and ethnic groups, it may mean the reunion of the soul and the Creator. While it is not what you want to happen, it may be best to think of it to prepare for it properly. Instead of ignoring death, planning for it will help you make each moment in your life counts. Consider what the experts say and take advantage of the guidelines for dealing with death:

Prepare for Mortality:

Emotional and spiritual preparation for mortality is a more comfortable way to deal with death. While worrying and stressing out your self is unhealthy, being mindful of the idea will reduce anxiety. It will be easier for you to move forward one step at a time if you use mindfulness and be comfortable with mortality.

Prepare for the Present Day:

Live your life to the fullest by taking time to be happy with the people you love and with yourself. Today is the right time to create beautiful memories with everyone important to you. Today is your best time to write the poem or a novel you have been thinking through the years. Today is also your best time to reconnect with friends or you haven’t seen for a long time. There are so many things that you can do on this present day to enjoy life to the fullest and make each minute count.

In addition to that, perhaps, it is the best time to acknowledge and appreciate all the people around you, especially those who are important in your life. If there are people you want to say sorry to, you might want to do it now and make things better and peaceful. If someone hurt you in the past, it could be the right time to find forgiveness so that you can let go of the pain it caused you. For the family who is always there, let them know today that you appreciate everything.

Prepare for the Following Days:

For the next days to come, prepare for the things that you will need. It is best to have a living will that assigns a family member or a friend to make decisions on your behalf when it comes to medical and financial matters, in case you are not capable to do it.

Prepare for After Death:

  • Last Will and Testament

Last will and testament is a legal document intended to be executed after death. It is notarized documentation that designates your family to manage or take charge of the property you own or the guardianship of your children. It allows you to be specific on how you want all your properties, assets, and ownership divided into your family. In writing your last will and testament, you may also write your wishes and assign a person to carry out those wishes.

In writing a simple last will and testament, a lawyer does not have to be present. There are readily available forms that you can fill out for your simple last wishes and designation. On the other hand, if you are planning to divide your properties and assets to your family, you will need the service of a lawyer, especially if the division of property is a complex process.

  • Insurance Policies and All Financial Papers

Insurance, mortgages, property loans, and bank loans should also be turned over or endorsed properly. You can have the lawyer notarize a legal document that designates a person to process the transaction after you are gone. Let the financial institutions and the bank know about it.

  • Funeral and Memorial Service

Pre-planning the funeral and memorial service is a way to have full control of what will happen. It also enables you to prepare for the financial needs ahead of time. You can choose what to wear, what color of the coffin to use, What funeral flower to buy, how many days you want the wake or funeral to last, and how you want to be buried. Funeral is one important event for the family not only to give you tribute and last respect but also to say their meaningful farewell to you. Knowing how it is going to happen will make it more meaningful to you.

In connection with your plans, you can legally designate a person or agent or a lawyer to carry out your decisions and wishes. By simply taking care of every detail, including the expenses for the funeral and burial, your family does not have to experience the stress in making difficult decisions as these while suffering from pain and grief of losing a loved one.

All the decisions you make and the expenses you paid for in advance, make sure that your family knows about it. Let them know what you want and what your wishes are. If you want to ease your family from all these burdens, plan every detail of it. With the right plan to follow, your family is never left in confusion while grieving.

Dealing with death may sound inappropriate. However, there are more benefits to it than waiting for the last minute unprepared. Just as how you plan for a wedding or grand celebration ahead of time, preparing for your death is also important. There are professional agents and lawyers who can help you make the right decisions and choices. As you deal with death through this guideline, you will find death in a better perspective.

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