Burial services have been a part of the tradition, culture, religion, and belief in different tribes and regions in all parts of the world. From the very start, burying the dead was practiced in such a solemn and traditional way. Although some things have changed, there are ethnic groups who still follow and practice the old traditions in burying their dead loved ones.

When it comes to burial services, there are several things that have to be taken into consideration. Whether your family prefers to follow the traditional practice or you are open to the contemporary ways of burying the dead, planning has to be done carefully. Whether the family chooses to bury the body or they prefer cremation, a burial service is needed for closure and for a dignified farewell to a loved one.

Understanding the importance of burial service and its religious or cultural implications makes it easier for the family to choose one. It is also easier for the service provider to provide the needed services. After saying goodbye to a family member who passed away through the funeral service, the next part is the burial. It is essential to plan every detail including the funeral flowers of it to avoid unnecessary problems.

  • Planning the Burial Services

Planning the burial service is very important and it should be done as soon as possible so that other distant family members and relatives can fix their schedule. From the place of burial to the time and date of internment to the church service or graveside service, everything should be planned accordingly. There are other things to consider as well, such as the option for cremation, the columbarium, the gravesite, whether to use gravestone or headstone and many more.

No matter how tough it can be for the family, they have to make the best choice for their deceased loved one. It is a good thing that there are service providers to turn to for a number of burial services. From a simple ceremony to traditional rituals to the modernized way of burial, the options are wide and varied and that makes planning more convenient.

Burial in Singapore has changed. There is left one single cemetery in Singapore that accommodates land burial, the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery. The contract for the land burial for each grave is also limited up to 15 years only. After the contract matured, the contract should be re-interred. Other options are available in Singapore, such as Sea Burial and cremation. The number of a columbarium in the country is increasing as people prefer cremation so that they can keep the urn of ashes at home or in a columbarium.

  • Importance of Burial Services

Depending on religious belief or traditional customs, it is of great importance to hold a burial service when a loved one passed away. Whether you want a simple service or you want it to be intimate and meaningful, the burial can be arranged accordingly through the help of professional service providers.

Burial and funeral rituals are one of the symbolic activities in saying goodbye and in expressing feelings and mourning. It may help the family to find closure, knowing that they gave their loved one the most meaningful funeral and burial rituals and ceremony. Even friends and distant relatives benefit from a well-planned burial service as it allows them to express their sense of loss. It also allows them to provide and convey support and comfort to the grieving family.

Acknowledging and recognizing that the deceased loved one will no longer return is the first thing to do. Although it can be painful and difficult, holding a dignified funeral and burial service helps the grief journey more bearable. The ceremony, whether it is held in a church or temple or in the gravesite, will validate the emotion and make acceptance beneficial to the healing process.


Religion and beliefs are also one of the reasons why burial service is important. There are people who prefer to give burial rites great importance for religious reasons. When it comes to burial services,

Christians strongly believed that there is life after death, and that family will meet each other again in eternity. However, by giving the deceased loved one a dignified funeral and burial service until the last day, the family is assured that their loved one is cared for properly.

The wake can be done in one single day or it can extend up to seven days depending on the preference of the family or on the request of the deceased person. After the wake, burial should take place.

  • New Concept for Burial

Some families, instead of choosing land burial or sea burial, would choose cremation. People in Singapore are open to alternative methods such as turning the ashes into diamonds or keep the ashes in a piece of jewelry or gemstone. Memorial diamonds are often made from ashes. Some also opt to have the ashes planted with trees or turn the ashes into an ornament by using modern 3D printing technology.

Coping with grief and with the thought that a special person will no longer be there can be difficult. However, grieving may end beautifully if funeral and burial services are handled well. The physical bond may break and stop when a loved one dies but the emotional and spiritual relationship will live on. Although traditional methods are still practiced, it is helpful to have alternative ways to deal with the loss through modern burial services.

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