Funeral flowers are among the things that remain to be a part of the funeral ceremonies and services for many centuries. Dating back as far as thousands of years ago, the use of flowers in the funerals was purposeful, symbolic, and meaningful. Fresh and fragrant flowers were used to ward off the unpleasant smell of the deceased. People surrounded the coffin with sweet-smelling and heavy scented flowers.

Flowers are still present at the funeral even though the modern technology of embalming has been widely practiced. Different flower arrangements for funeral purposes are artistically designed to provide an elegant expression of condolences and heartfelt offering of comfort and sympathy.

When a loved one, family member, or friend passed away, sending funeral flowers is such a thoughtful gesture. However, choosing the right flowers to send should be carefully done in order to convey your messages and prevent sending the wrong message. Before you buy flowers online or at the flower shops, it is best to know the appropriate types of flowers or flower arrangements to choose for the funerals. Understanding the symbolism of flowers and colors of flowers to choose will help you pick the right funeral flowers to send.

Flower Arrangements for the Funerals:

  • Casket SpraysCasket sprays are intended to provide elegant embellishment on the coffin or casket. The large floral spray is usually designed in full length and in half-length. The full-length spray covers a closed coffin while the half-length spray is designed to cover a half-opened casket. Immediate family members are the right persons to pick this design.
  • Standing SpraysFuneral flower stand is intended to provide gorgeous floral decoration for the area where the funeral service and wake are held. The large sprays stand on the easel and can be placed near the coffin. Friends, relatives, family, and colleagues may send standing sprays to offer their last respect to the deceased person and to convey their condolences and sympathy to the family.
  • Funeral Wreaths – Funeral wreaths are intended to provide a personal tribute of friendship, love, respect, gratitude, and eternal memories. Wreaths can be designed in various shapes and sizes using different types of flowers. Many people prefer to send round-shaped funeral wreaths to symbolize eternal rest and peace. Cross wreath for Christain and catholic service.
  • Funeral Baskets – Funeral baskets are intended to provide a simple thought and prayer for comfort and sympathy to the family. Baskets may range in sizes and flowers come in a wide variety of colors and combinations to express condolences.
  • Funeral PlantsFuneral plants are live plants in pots and planters intended to provide simple but meaningful prayers of sympathy. There are live flowering plants and live green plants to choose from, aside from the dish garden, succulents, and bonsai trees. These plants can be kept at home or at the mausoleum for lasting memories.

Suitable Flowers for the Funerals:

  • Orchids – Orchids are one of the most common types of flowers selected for the funerals not only because of its beautiful and elegant features but also because of its symbolism and representation. Standing sprays and casket sprays are usually arranged and designed with Orchid flowers. Orchids in pots are also a thoughtful sympathy gift.
  • Lilies and Peace Lilies – Lilies and Peace Lilies are a common flower the funerals because of its symbolic meaning. The flowers of Lilies and the plant of Peace Lily are meant to offer comfort and peace to the grieving family. This type of flower makes the sprays more elegant and majestic.
  • Carnations – Carnations are a classic funeral flower that makes funeral wreaths and sprays more fabulous. This flower is meant to symbolize love, fascination, and admiration to a wonderful person who touched the lives of other people. It is also used to express gratitude and appreciation. The flowers of Carnations look perfect in funeral bouquets and for special flowers placed inside the casket.
  • Chrysanthemums – Chrysanthemums are a common type of funeral flowers intended to offer beauty and charm, as well as to represent love and truth. However, some religious groups and ethnic tribes consider this flower as the flower of grief and comfort. They only use this specific flower type for funeral and sympathy flowers. A casket spray or standing spray designed and arranged using the flowers of Chrysanthemums is meant to show sincere sympathy and condolences.
  • Roses – Roses are a favorite flower type for the attractive and impressive casket sprays and standing sprays. Family and close friends offer Roses at the funerals to convey love, respect, and honor to the deceased person. White Roses are symbolic of eternal peace and comfort while red ones are meant to express deep love. The flowers of Roses are intended for wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.
  • Hyacinth – Hyacinth is a type of flower that represents heartfelt prayers and thoughtful wishes of comfort for the family. The flower is usually added to elegant floral arrangements intended for the funerals. The blue one represents sincerity while a variety of colors offer a wide range of thoughts and prayers. Many people strongly believe that the flowers of Hyacinth are an expression of true and sincere sentiments.
  • Gladioli – Gladioli flowers are a common funeral flower in tall stems. They are composed of several florets that can reach up to 4 feet tall. Gladioli flowers are usually used to design a fan spray or a standing spray because of its height. This flower is also symbolic of strength, integrity, character, and sincerity. Sending a floral arrangement with Gladioli is a very symbolic and thoughtful funeral flower.

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