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Funerals are arranged with great care and love for the deceased and everything is planned and arranged by giving proper and minute attention. Without any distinction of religion, everyone wants to say goodbye to their loved ones in a nice way. Customs and traditions vary from religion to religion. In Singapore, many religions share the land, and customs and traditions are according to their religious teachings. People have the freedom to spend their lives according to their wishes and demands and they can practice their religious obligations without any hindrance or interference. They arrange their marriages as well as their funerals in their way. There are many funeral service providers are available in Singapore to help you to arrange funerals and they provide their services according to the religious demands of the people. Various religions have some diverse values and customs and some common goals and traditions.


Availability Of Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are used in funeral ceremonies like a tradition and every religion has its way to use these flowers. Though this use is not customary even than these are used excessively on funerals. Various types of flower arrangements or bouquets are used for this purpose and there is no fixed formula about this usage. You can use these flowers in any type or any quality or quantity. A wide variety of flowers are available in the market and funeral service providers and flower shop keepers help you out to find the best flowers for you according to your budget and liking.


Selection Of Funeral Flowers Mostly Depends On Your Budget

There is no shame in it if you cannot afford a big bouquet and you buy a small one as per your budget. You can choose small or big depending on your pocket. So the major reason for selecting a bouquet is dependent on the money you have. You can buy a small bouquet in $30 – $80. This bouquet will be enough to fulfill your need. You can buy this and give it to the family of the deceased. This price range of bouquet goes up to $250 or much more. Sometimes people avoid to choose small bouquets individually and they buy a big one in a group. Members of the group collect money and buy one big bouquet or flower arrangement for the funeral which is a good gesture and the family of the deceased does not mind it at all if you bring flowers in a group. It is accepted and welcomed wholeheartedly.


Your Relationship With The Deceased Is Also A Reason Of Selecting Specific Flowers

The second reason for selecting specific flowers or flower arrangements is your relationship with the deceased or with his family. If they are close relatives or friends then you will spend more money on them and if they are not much closer to you than you can buy a small bouquet which will be enough and if you do not buy flowers at all that is also fine. For close relatives and friends you have to show your love and care and this cannot be avoided, so you will spend some money to buy flowers for them to express your feelings and sentiments but giving funeral flowers is no more essential and it is totally up to you to buy them or not. Sometimes the family of the deceased demands it to bring funeral flowers in that case you should respect the demands of the family.


Multiple Religions Have Diverse Values About Funeral Flowers

While living in a multi-religious society, sometimes you have to attend the funeral ceremonies of other religions. For attending these without any hesitation and embarrassment, you must have an idea about the customs and traditions of that specific religion.  Christians use flowers at funerals excessively and these are welcomed at their funerals if you bring flowers for them. Muslims do not have such customs of bringing flowers at funerals and they do not like much if you bring bouquets at their funerals. Though they will not refuse you this is not their custom, so you must have an idea about their traditions and values if you are going to attend the funeral of a Muslim friend. They prefer to use flowers on graves individually. Jews believe in the early burial of the body and they do not prolong the funeral ceremonies that is why they do not have many traditions of giving and accepting of funeral flowers but if someone takes flowers for them, they do not mind and accept them.

So while selecting and buying flowers for the family of the deceased the main things which should be considered are their religious obligations and values, your relationship, and bonding with the deceased or his family and your budget. As we all know that there is no limit to expenditures and we can spend money like water if we have excessive resources but if we have limited resources and many expenses to bear than we have to think before taking any step. It is totally up to the person who is selecting flowers for the funeral ceremony that how much he spends on them. You can choose one small bouquet for a big bouquet or basket or arrangements. These flowers can be placed on coffin or grave or these can be placed or used throughout the house. It is the decision of the family and everyone decides it according to their pocket that how much they can afford. You can experience in Singapore that some funerals are the exposure of money and brands. People spend too much money on flower decorations which is in some way a wastage of money. Everything can be done moderately. There are sometimes $7000 to $9000 are spent only on the purchase of funeral flowers. This lavish style is not customary for everyone. It is ok if you have less amount in your pocket and you want to skip these funeral flowers or want to buy a small bouquet which could have cheap flowers instead of costly flowers like lilies or others.

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