Funeral flowers are very important. They are used to express loved and sympathy. They are also used to provide warmth and beauty to the funeral. Funeral flowers have calming scents and adorable feel that provide comfort to the family of the deceased.

There are several flowers used to create the perfect funeral flowers but below are some examples of funeral flowers that represent the death of a loved one.


Lilies are very common funeral flowers. They have this strong yet calming aroma. They suggest that the soul of the person has been at peace. For Christians, lilies signify purity and virginity. It was believed that the tomb of the Virgin Mary was covered with lilies.


Another common flower used in funerals are roses. There are different colors of roses and each of them represents a specific meaning. At funerals, the classic red roses show grief and love while the white ones signify purity, spirituality and innocence. The pink roses are very rare, and they are used to express gratitude to the deceased and the yellow roses are used to express friendship.


These flowers signify sympathy and home. The red Chrysanthemums mean love and the white ones mean innocence. Aside from funerals, these types of flowers are also often used in baby showers because it means rebirth.


Orchids are not as common as the lilies and the roses in funerals, but they are used to express love. It means “I will always love you”. Orchids are usually used in flower arrangements that are for home and offices.


Commonly used in funeral wreaths and sprays, Carnations go well with other flowers. The different colors mean different things. The red ones show affection while the white carnations mean innocence. Carnations are also commonly used to create letter tributes and special tributes. They are the favorite of every florists when it comes to personalized funeral flowers.


These flowers are not very popular, but they symbolize strong and true emotions. Immediate families usually use these flowers in addition to other flowers to express their emotions.


These flowers are widely used in funerals and they can go beautifully with the other type of funeral flowers. While they are not as popular as the lilies, roses and carnations, these flowers mean “you are included in my prayers”.

Daffodils and Tulips

Aside from expressing love, grief and sympathy, people are also sending Daffodils and Tulips to symbolize fresh starts and renewals. These are commonly sent out in funerals to give encouragement and hope. Tulips come in different colors and they can surely lighten up the heavy feelings of the family members who lose a loved one.

Peace Lily Plant

The Peace Lily Funeral Plant promotes peace and purity. These flowers are commonly used in funerals that involved ceremonies. This type of flower is also associated with Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. The Peace Lily dies during the winter and you can see it again during spring.


This funeral flower gives support during difficult times, especially on a death of a loved one. Using this flower for funerals is a great gesture for the family. If you are feeling down and you need something to cheer you up, you should treat yourself a bouquet with some Solidago flowers in it.

Coping from the death of a loved one

Losing someone is not easy. Either it is a sudden death or not, we will always grieve and feel sad. If a close friend dies, the least thing we can do to the family of the deceased is to send them funeral flowers. It is not important how small or big the funeral flowers are. What is important is you’ve expressed your sympathy and you’ve shared the sad feeling that they’ve expressed.

Finding the best funeral flower for a death of a loved one

Things will never be easy if we lose someone we loved. It will be hard for us to organize the funeral service and it will be hard for use to pick the best funeral flowers. However, if you contact the best florist in the city, everything will be easy. If you have the trusted florist, you will have everything in place.

You can discuss what type of flowers you want in the funeral service or at home. You should also discuss your budget and what arrangement do you like. You can have a casket spray,  heart wreath, standing spray, funeral cross or special tributes.

Nowadays, you can easily order things online and thankfully, you can also do that with funeral flowers. If you have the trusted online florist, you can conveniently place your order online and have it delivered at home. What is important is you have the trusted florist who understand exactly what you need for the funeral.

Additional Tips: Your Presence Also Matters

Aside from sending funeral flowers, always make sure to make yourself available and see the family of the deceased. Show your support and sympathy by actually being present during the funeral service or wake service. Convey your sympathy message through flowers and be a listening ear. It will help the family to go through the grieving process easily.

Also, you should know what to and what not to say during the wake or funeral service. It is always nice to speak from the heart but make sure not to say the wrong things.

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