Although it is not mandatory to send funeral flowers in a Christian funeral, sending flowers is still the best way to show sympathy and to express condolences. Family, friends, and relatives in the Christian religion practice the culture and tradition of showing love and care for each other, especially during this time of grief and sorrow. By sending Christian funeral flowers, they are able to show their love and respect to the deceased person. The flowers make it easier to convey your message of sympathy and support to the bereaved family. There are different types of Christian funeral flowers appropriate to send. Check these out:

  • Funeral Baskets

These funeral baskets are commonly sent to the funeral home and mortuary during Christian funerals. The funeral florists in Singapore create attractive and meaningful flower arrangements in baskets to suit the funeral theme. You can find hundreds of designs in single color or mixture of colors and in different types of flowers. All of these funeral baskets are hand-arranged and handcrafted by the florists, making each design great for sending meaningful Christian funeral flowers.

  • Funeral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths are available in different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. These are among the best Christian funeral flowers that family, relatives, and friends choose to send to the funerals not only to convey condolences but most importantly to express support, comfort, and sympathy. A lovely heart-shaped funeral wreath is common in most Christian funerals, and they are typically in red, pink, and white colors or a combination of colors. Cross wreaths are also a favorite option for the funeral flowers signifying faith and Christianity.

  • Vase Arrangements

Flowers in vase arrangements are also a typical design for Christian funeral flowers. The funeral florists arrange them expertly in beautiful designs to match the solemn and somber environment in a funeral. One thing is for sure, they handcrafted each of these vase arrangements to give you the most meaningful and tasteful Christian funeral flowers to offer your sympathy and condolences. Vase arrangements can be customized, too.

  • Standing Sprays

Funeral flower stand or Standing sprays are a thoughtful Christian funeral flower to send. If you want to honor the life of a family member who passed away or a friend, relative, or co-worker, the florists in Singapore create wonderful and elegant designs of standing sprays. Standing sprays are usually given to give honor and tribute to the deceased person. For a memorial service intended to celebrate the life that was lived triumphantly and successfully, these standing sprays are also the perfect choice for Christian funeral flowers.

  • Casket Sprays

Another common Christian funeral flower is the casket sprays. Most families choose the design of the casket sprays based on their desired flower type and color of flowers. Some of the traditional and classical funeral flowers to celebrate life are in white flowers while the modernized and contemporary designs are available in colorful and brightly-colored flowers. All the casket sprays, whether you need a full-length spray to cover the closed coffin or the half-casket size of sprays, you can have one customized based on your desired arrangement.

  • Special Bouquets

Special bouquets are a perfect gift to convey your love and sincere emotions to the deceased person. If the person who passed away meant so much to you, you can choose to offer a special bouquet of Christian funeral flowers. The flower arrangement can be placed on top of the coffin or inside the coffin. The flowers will not only adorn the coffin but will also make the funeral more special. You can also have the bouquet customized and personalized to convey your condolence message of love for the person and to express your support for the family during this sad event.

  • Green Plants

Green plants are a great option to send in Christian funerals, especially if you intend to keep your gift more memorable. These plants serve as something that will be remembered for a long period of time. You can send the flowering funeral plant or green live plant to the funerals or to the family’s residence. The family may also choose to keep the plants at home or at the grave site. The florists offer a wide range of funeral potted plants, some of those are flowering Azaleas and Peace Lilies. Bonsai plants and succulents are also an alternative to traditional funeral flowers for Christian funerals.

  • Dish Gardens

In Christian funerals, some people opt to send dish gardens. There are lots of large blooming dish gardens for funerals that are designed not only in stylish designs and arrangements using the best types of plants but also in keepsake baskets that can be used for other purposes. Dish gardens are a perfect way to show your sympathy and condolences to the family. The beautiful plants are sure to make the sad event more bearable.

Other families in the Christian faith prefer cash donations, instead, in lieu of flowers. The proceeds of the donations will be used for the huge expenses of the funerals or to support the charitable institution they choose to support. Flowers for the Christian funerals are mainly to celebrate life with faith and hope that they will be reunited again in heaven after life here on earth. Most families prefer to have beautiful and fresh flowers artistically and elegantly arranged to make the funeral or memorial service a tribute to the deceased person. With flowers around, the sorrowful moment can be more peaceful and solemn for the family and for everyone who loves the deceased person.

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