Flowers are important in any Catholic funerals and they are significant of the messages and emotions you want to convey. Traditionally, funeral flowers are used to adorn the coffin or to surround the area with fresh and beautiful flowers to comfort the family. In addition, flowers are also used to express condolences and sympathy. In Catholic funerals, flowers are arranged to provide you with lovely and elegant arrangements to condole with the family. When it comes to the funeral flowers, the right person who has the expertise in selecting the right type of Catholic flowers for condolences is the funeral florist.

  • Depending on the Relationship to the Dearly Departed

In selecting which funeral flower arrangements to send to the funerals, the florists recommend that the relationship with the deceased person be considered. The immediate family, such as spouse, parents, siblings, and children may choose the casket sprays or coffin coverings as funeral flowers for the Catholic funerals. Children and spouse may also choose special flowers for inside the coffin embellishment.

Funeral standing sprays and wreaths are typically sent by relatives, friends, co-workers, employers, and close friends. Floral tributes are also a perfect choice of funeral flower arrangements in Catholic funerals. These flowers are sent to offer tribute and respect to the person who passed away. On the other hand, everyone who wants to convey condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family may bring or send funeral baskets of flowers and live and potted plants.

  • Depending on Message

In selecting Catholic funeral flowers, the funeral florists also suggest that you pick depending on the message of condolences or sympathy that you want to express. The heart-shaped funeral wreaths are an option if you want to show your heartfelt love and emotion to the deceased person. This is a lovely funeral flower from someone in the family or from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you are sending your warm thoughts and prayers to the family, or if you want to let them know that you are there to share their grief, sending big arrangements of standing sprays and round wreaths is acceptable. You can always choose the best design at the flower shops or ask the florists for the customized or personalized designs of funeral flowers.

  • Depending on the Traditions and Culture

In Catholic funerals, tradition and culture are always observed and practiced. The same belief goes with the type of flowers to use for the funerals. The most common Catholic funeral flowers based on tradition and culture are Lily, Chrysanthemums, Rose, Gladioli, and Carnations. It is a tradition and custom for relatives and friends to send somber but attractive funeral flower arrangement to express and convey condolences.

Based on traditions, flowers are used to embellish the coffin with significant flowers. Some flowers are fragrant and scented to also accentuate the entire funeral home with pleasing smell.

  • Depending on Purpose

In selecting Catholic funeral flowers to send, you may also want to consider your purpose of giving. The funeral flowers are handcrafted to provide you with a flower gift that conveys your sincere sympathy to the family. Flowers are usually arranged for the funerals to make the area more appealing and uplifting so that the family and everyone visiting the wake will feel light and at peace.

There are funeral flowers arranged to celebrate life or to remember the good memories. There are also flowers that are intended to brighten up the somber environment and the sad and gloomy event.

The funeral florists also arrange Catholic funeral flowers to be used for the wake and funeral services and for the memorial and burial.

  • Depending on Symbolism

In Catholic funerals, flowers are used to symbolize and to signify various emotions or meanings. There are funeral flower arrangements meant to signify spirituality and faith, like the cross wreaths and angel floral wreaths. There are also floral arrangements intended to symbolize love, care, and affection both to the deceased person and to the family left behind.

Other flowers are arranged in order to symbolize eternity and immortality. White Roses and Orchids are meant to remember beautiful memories forever while Carnations can be used to symbolize adoration and gratefulness. Red flowers are for love and emotion while yellow flowers are for friendship and inspiration. Although flowers are universally accepted in all Catholic funerals, there are several types of flowers and flower arrangements that should be avoided. If you are not sure of the design, do not hesitate to ask the funeral florists.

  • Depending on the Funeral Theme

In Catholic funerals, most of the funeral flowers are arranged to match the funeral theme. If the theme is to remember all the beautiful memories and celebrate a beautiful life, there are floral arrangements that are created using colorful and vibrant flowers. If the theme is solemn and quiet as requested by the family, floral arrangements in white flowers are the right choice instead.

When you are in doubt for the right type of Catholic funeral flowers, always consult the experts, the funeral florists. They know which flowers and floral arrangements to select. Each family, although they are in the same Catholic religion and faith, may ask for specific flowers for the funerals. Make sure that you also consider what they request in terms of flower types, color of flowers, and floral arrangements. Sending funeral flowers for Catholic funerals can be your most appropriate and thoughtful gesture to express your condolences and support to the family when someone they love passed away.

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