In Taoism funerals, flowers are one of the appropriate objects to send to the family to express condolences and to sympathize. When it comes to Taoism funeral flowers, there are actually only a few variations. The flower choices for Taoism funeral flowers focus mainly on designs signifying peace and serenity. It has been a Taoist belief that death and funerals are not about afterlife but about the peaceful unity among the living and the dead. It is important that the place is surrounded with pleasing smell of funeral flowers and incense.

  • Based on Taoism Traditional

Flower arrangements became a traditional part of the Taoism funerals. Flowers that are artistically crafted and created are offered to the bereaved family as a symbol of condolences and sympathy. During the days of mourning, it is acceptable in this religion that funeral flowers are sent by relatives and friends in order to express their sentiments and support to the family.

Traditionally, Taoist funeral flowers, just like in many Asian religions and beliefs, are in white and yellow flowers. They are arranged by the funeral florists in sprays, wreaths, and special arrangements. Moreover, bouquets in colorful and extravagant decorations and designs are not appropriate. Among the popular types of flowers that are used for the Taoist funeral flower arrangements are white and yellow flowers of Lily and Chrysanthemums. These types of flowers are significant of mourning.

  • Used for the Funeral Rituals

Flowers are used on the Taoism funeral rituals. Rituals are practiced in order to protect the spirit of the deceased person from harm. Taoism rituals are more about life rather than death. It involves chanting of scriptures performed by the priest during the funeral service.

During the said ritual, some people play drums and woodwind instruments to ward off the evil spirit. A fire is set with nine tiles, representing the nine levels of the underworld. The Taoist priest circles this fire and waves his sword to break the tiles, setting the soul of the deceased person free from the underworld. While doing the rituals, the priest should pray while seating in a lotus-shaped seat, which is symbolic of the Guan Yin.

Guan Yin is the goddess of mercy in the Chinese and Taoist religion. She is often shown sitting on her lotus flowers. This flower has been significant to the Taoism funerals.

  • Types of Flowers and Flower Arrangements

Condolence flower stands, funeral sprays, and condolence wreaths are among the common Taoist funeral flowers. These special flower arrangements are designed to offer condolences and to adorn the funeral and memorial service with elegant and fragrant flowers.

Most of the flowers used for these arrangements are white and yellow Lilies, Roses, Daisies, and Chrysanthemums. These flower arrangements are available in various sizes, designs, and arrangements. The family and the relatives and friends may have a customized funeral flower arrangement to offer for the deceased person and for the family as they mourn.

In addition, the funeral florists also create funeral flower frames to decorate the picture frame of the deceased person. The frame is usually placed in the altar as part of the tradition and rituals.

  • Artificial Flowers

Aside from fresh flowers for condolences, artificial flowers are also used in Taoism funerals. Relatives and friends who are coming from far places prefer to bring artificial flowers instead. Bringing fresh flowers is not appropriate for them because of the distance and transportation. Funeral flowers made from silk or plastic materials are more durable and long lasting. If you are planning to bring artificial funeral flowers to a Taoist funeral, let the funeral florists in Singapore help you pick the right arrangement. You can even maximize the flower delivery services they offer.

  • Sympathy Flowers

Flowers to show and convey your sympathy to the grieving family are also acceptable. The sympathy flowers are among the arrangements to find at any funeral flower shops in Singapore. You can send sympathy flowers within the 49 days of mourning. The 49-day period of mourning is usually spent in praying.

  • Funeral Gifts

In Taoism funerals, funeral gifts are a part of their traditions. Those who attend the funerals give white envelope to the family as funeral gift. The envelope should contain odd amount of money but not ending in 9. In Taoist tradition, an amount that ends in 9 means long lasting, and in funerals, it means long lasting pain and grief. In giving funeral gift to the bereaved family, it should only be one gift from each family. Two or more gifts mean more than one death.

On the other hand, the family may also give funeral envelope to the guests that contain one coin and one piece of candy.

  • Other Important Funeral Traditions

In Taoism funerals, aside from funeral flowers and funeral gifts, they also give importance to funeral traditions like having funeral feast after the burial or cremation. In a funeral feast, a seat is left vacant for the spirit of the deceased person. The family traditionally serves 8 different types of dishes to signify good fortune. The feast should be a happy celebration.

After the funeral, each one receives a yellow paper with their name, address, and birthday printed on it. The paper is burnt in the doorway, and while burning, the person whose name is written on it should cross over. This tradition is practiced to prevent the bad spirits from following the guests as they go home.

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