What Are the Types of Flower for Funeral in Singapore?

March 30, 2020

Times are rough when a family member or friend passes away. Funerals are never easy. Flowers make up a meaningful decoration. These beautiful colored flowers are a great way to express your condolences. All flowers have a different meaning, but deliver the same message to help someone smile. If you’re looking to find ideas for what flowers to buy for […]

Do Immediate Family Members Send Flowers to a Funeral?

March 29, 2020

It is a tragedy to know that someone in the family passed away, but for the immediate family, it can be more painful. Whether it is one of the parents or siblings or children or it is the spouse, losing someone is always unbearable. Funeral Flowers Delivery is an excellent option to give tribute and honor to a family. If […]

Ultimate Guide to Funeral Flowers

March 27, 2020

One great way to pay tribute to a deceased person is to give or send funeral flowers. This is the most difficult time for the grieving family that not even comforting words can be enough to ease the pain they feel. Some people are hesitant to show their thoughtful gesture during this time of sorrow even to closest friends. If […]

What Is Funeral and Why Is It Important?

March 22, 2020

When you hear the word funeral, for sure you already have an idea in mind. Funeral is considered to be a tradition that people do when someone dies. It is expected that funeral is solemn to give respect to the deceased. However, funeral is not the same in different countries. The way on how people honor their departed loved ones […]

Things to Know in Planning a Memorial Service

March 19, 2020

A memorial service is somehow similar to any funeral service. The only difference is that in memorial service, the body inside the casket is not present. It means that the service is held after the deceased person is cremated or buried. Some families prefer to hold memorial services after one week from the time date of death or after a […]

Memorial Service What It Is and Why It Is Important

March 19, 2020

A memorial service is a commemorative service dedicated to the memories in honor of a deceased loved one. It is usually held after the burial or after the cremation. On the said memorial service, the family gives honor and respect or celebrates the life of a deceased loved one. Whether it is a simple celebration of life or a gathering […]

What is Bereavement Flowers?

March 14, 2020

First and foremost, we would tackle its definition and why we give flowers on such a situation in people’s lives. We define bereavement as where an individual lost a loved one and as for a definition in google it is an experience of loss of a known member in your family or someone who is dearest to you. We define this word bereavement because […]

Do You Send Flowers to the Funeral Home or the Church?

March 4, 2020

In most cases, funeral flowers are sent to the funeral home where it can provide comfort to the bereaved during this time of grief. If you plan to send flowers on the day when the funeral service should take place, the flowers are best sent to the funeral home early in the day. If you do not know when the […]

Different Options for Sympathy Flowers and Gifts

March 1, 2020

It is always terrible to hear about the loss of someone. When you hear a friend’s family member or relative passed away, it can be quite difficult to utter the exact words that will comfort their soul. But with an expert florist, the gift of sympathy flowers and special gifts could be expressive and symbolic of the message you want […]