It is a tragedy to know that someone in the family passed away, but for the immediate family, it can be more painful. Whether it is one of the parents or siblings or children or it is the spouse, losing someone is always unbearable. Funeral Flowers Delivery is an excellent option to give tribute and honor to a family. If you are wondering if family members should send funeral flowers, the Florist says that most of the flowers placed near the casket are actually from the immediate family. Here are the most common flower arrangements that the family members can bring to the funerals:

  • Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are a style of flower arrangement intended for the funerals. Its design is like a blanket that covers the casket. The mixed flowers and the beautiful arrangement are sure to bring the message of love and lasting memories for a dear family member who passed away. Casket sprays are designed in full and half.

  • Standing Spray

Standing sprays are the appropriate flower arrangement that immediate family members and relatives can send or bring to the funerals. The beautiful arrangement on easel delivers comfort and love to each other at this time of pain and grief. The funeral florist creates different designs of flowers to stand on the easel, which includes wreaths of heart, cross, round, and cascading floral design. The standing spray is also a loving way of paying tribute and giving honor to the deceased family member.

An open heart wreath, for example, is a perfect funeral flower design that the immediate family members, especially spouse, can send to the funerals. Placed near the casket, a florist delivery of this standing heart wreath can be ordered for same day flower delivery.

  • Casket Floral Adornment

The casket floral adornments are special flower arrangements designed to express never-ending love and heartfelt gratitude for the one who departed. The adornments could be in heart shape, cross shape, pillow shape, and other personalized and customized designs. The flower designs are also meant to adorn the casket and make it beautiful. The florist in Singapore designs each arrangement professionally to come up with a very touching funeral flower that brings comfort and love to the family.

A pillow-shaped casket adornment is suitable to send from parents to a child who passed away or from the children to a parent or grandparent who passed away. The flower shop Singapore has the largest selections of designs for the casket adornment.

  • Flower Baskets

Flower baskets for the funerals are meant for eternal affection. Family members can send this flower arrangement to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to the deceased person. Most of the flower baskets are placed on the floor beneath the casket to surround the casket with beautiful flowers. Friends and co-workers may also bring and send funeral flower baskets to express condolences to the family.

A mixed flower arrangement of white Roses and Carnations are among the most common options from the immediate family. Meanwhile, friends may prefer the basket of white Lilies adorned with some green lush for sympathy and condolences.

Flowers sent by immediate family and relatives are often selected based on the following factors:

  • Beauty of flowers

One reason why family members send and bring funeral flowers in such great beauty is for aesthetic purposes in the funeral home. Flowers arranged beautifully add solemn and peaceful environment during wake. Beautiful flowers add value to the ambiance, making the ritual more meaningful.

  • Meaning of flowers

Family, and even the closest friends, brings funeral flowers based on its meaning. It could be a casket spray of Roses or Sunflowers, which is to mean the tender love or cheerful personality of the deceased person. A spray of pink or lavender flowers may also mean embracing love. Depending on meaning and sentiments, funeral flowers are arranged to express emotions.

  • Tradition and culture

Family and close friends send funeral flowers based on tradition and culture. In Europe, Chrysanthemum is the only type of flower used for the funerals. It is their tradition and culture to bring Chrysanthemums when a family member dies. In America, appropriate funeral flowers are also sent to express sentiments and comfort to the bereaved family. In other regions and countries, traditional funeral flowers vary while some refuse to accept funeral flowers. Family members consider tradition and culture in choosing and sending funeral flowers.

  • Expression of emotions

Flowers from immediate family members during the funerals are also meant to express emotions. When words of comfort and sympathy seem difficult to say, it is good to have flowers that are expressive of emotions. Flowers are used to expressing respect to the family member who passed away and to convey love and comfort to the family who is left behind and grieving for the loss of a loved one.

Funeral flowers are sent both for the living and for the dead. The immediate family is suffering from despair and grief whenever one of the family members passes away. With the right flowers and flower arrangement, the grief and sorrow are relieved in anyway knowing that the family is there to share the sadness and pain and to comfort one another with love and sympathy. Sending Flower Delivery of funeral flowers yields benefits to the family. Family members should bring and send flowers to a funeral no matter what arrangement and how much the cost is.

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