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When you hear the word funeral, for sure you already have an idea in mind. Funeral is considered to be a tradition that people do when someone dies. It is expected that funeral is solemn to give respect to the deceased. However, funeral is not the same in different countries. The way on how people honor their departed loved ones depend on their culture and location. However, despite the differences on how it is done, you will notice that the ceremonies have a beginning and an end.


The Importance of a Funeral

Funeral is not just a simple ceremony that people do to honor their departed loved ones. It is something that they should take seriously because of the following reasons.

  • It helps people acknowledge the death of a person.
  • This is a moment that the family, relatives, and friends of the departed tell their goodbye. Though it is not an easy situation to lose a loved one, it is something that people should accept. A funeral is the perfect time to say goodbye and let go of the one you have lost.
  • After saying goodbye to the departed, the funeral can also be the start for the grieving family to live a new life. Besides, there are still lots of reasons to live instead of keeping yourself trapped with what had happened.
  • Funeral is also a time for people to reflect about life and death. It allows them to understand more that death is inevitable and life is something that they have to value.

In a funeral, it is not just about having the last look on the departed. It also has a purpose to make it easier for the grieving family to recover from the situation. Acceptance can be the best way to alleviate what you are going through when losing someone special. You have to keep in mind that no matter how you would want to hold on to your life, death will still come.


Things that Different Funeral Ceremonies Have in Common

You don’t have to be surprised if you noticed a difference on how a funeral is done. People have different cultures and beliefs so it just natural that they have their own ways of honoring the deceased. On the other hand, no matter where you are and what culture you have, there are still similarities in a funeral ceremony that include the following.

  • Funeral ceremonies unite the family, relatives, and friends of the departed. It is when they can share the memories that they have had with the deceased while he is still alive.
  • Funeral ceremonies also provide comfort to the grieving family. They get support from other people thus giving them the courage to continue in life and better face the reality. Besides, there is nothing you can do to bring back the life of the dead.
  • Funeral service is the time for people to express what they feel. It is hard for someone to keep the pain caused by the death of someone you love because it will not only distract your mentally but you will also feel emotional and physical burdens.


Steps that Could Help You Recover After the Funeral

Grieving because someone died in the family is a situation that is hard for anyone to go through. However, this is a common situation that you will have to face because death is a part of existence. Grieving can be considered a journey because it is impossible for someone to feel okay after a funeral. Here are some of the steps that could help you overcome grief after a loss of a loved one.

  • You have to understand that everyone will have to face death. Aside from preparing yourself for that stage, you also have to prepare yourself in losing people close to your heart.
  • Death doesn’t mean that you will have to forget everything about the deceased. You can still think of the past or the happy moments that you have had with your loved one.
  • You have to learn how you can control the pain. Never isolate yourself because this will only make you feel depress instead talk with your friends or try activities that could uplift the situation.
  • It can also be an advantage if you will look for the real meaning of life.

Some of the Misconceptions about a Funeral

No matter how old the tradition is, people still have lots of misconceptions when it comes to funeral. Listed below are some of the wrong beliefs that most people have about funerals.

  • Funerals make a person feel down. Though it can be painful to see a loved one dies, funerals can provide people with the comfort they need. The relatives and friends of the grieving family will come to visit the departed and will also show their support.
  • Funerals are only done by religious people. This is not true because even those non-religious groups believe in the importance of a funeral.
  • Funerals are stressful. Knowing that the departed is someone you value the most, you will never consider a funeral as inconvenient. Instead, it is a privileged for you to honor the departed.
  • Funerals are only for the adults. As you can see, even children know how to mourn after losing a loved one. Remember that they are also human to feel the pain and to go through a process of healing for them to fully recover on what happened.

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