Making funeral flowers is one way of having unique designs to send to the funeral home. You can get creative when you do the designs. It will not only relieve you from the stress and sorrow for a friend who lost a loved but will also provide you with wonderful personalized arrangements to display on the funeral service. If you want to take the burden away from the family, why not make the funeral flowers by yourself. Everything you need from fresh flowers, accessories, tools, and materials can be availed at the florist shop. You can even get ideas for modern designs and contemporary designs of flower arrangements for the funerals. Here are the flowers that you can make at home:

  • Round Wreath

For a round wreath of funeral flowers, you will need round-shaped foam with a hollow in the middle. This will serve as the base for the design of the flowers. The wet floral foam should be firm and not too soft so that it can hold the flowers firmly. It is like a sponge previously soaked in water with flower preservatives that will help prolong the life of the flowers. If you have the foam ready, the next step is to cover it with green foliage from the front part to the back part. No part of the foam should be visible. The next step is to cover the foam with the flowers you choose for the funeral flower arrangement. There are filler flowers that you can use to make the arrangement more attractive.

  • Cross Wreath

A cross wreath is a perfect choice if you want to bring something meaningful and symbolic of faith and religion to the funeral. If you want to show respect to the deceased person or if you want to convey your condolences to the family, this is a nice shape to make for the funeral wreath. For the wreath, you will need a base in cross shape using plastic containers or wire. To keep the foam in place, you may want to glue its surface to the container. Cover the base with short-stemmed green leaves or foliage and fill the entire shape with white flowers. You can also use pink flowers or other colored flowers depending on the style you want. Rose and Carnations are perfect for this arrangement.

  • Casket Spray

A casket spray is a design intended to be placed on the casket for adornment. The sprays can be double-ended to fully cover the coffin or half-couch spray to cover the half part of the coffin. The base of the floral arrangement is the floral foam in its container. The container should not be too heavy. For the covering of the foam, a large foliage would do. In case there are gaps in between the foliage, you can use small foliage or leaves. You can be creative with the foliage by creating a layered effect. When you start to add flowers, it is best to start filling the foam from the center outward to the left side and to the right side. Use filler flowers like Baby’s Breath to fill in the gaps. Do not forget to keep the foam hydrated so that the funeral floral arrangement can last throughout the week.

  • Standing Spray

A standing spray for funerals is a thoughtful floral arrangement perfect to express your condolences and to make the room peaceful and calm. The presence of the white flowers on easel creates a display that comforts the soul. To make a standing spray, a wooden easel is a useful item. It will hold the flowers in place. When you create the design, you may choose the types of flowers that the deceased person liked most or the most symbolic flowers that express sympathy and comfort to the bereaved family. Cover the base part with greenery and foliage. When you add the flowers, you may start at the center by adding large blooms going outwards using smaller blooms. The large flower arrangement requires flowers with longer stems for better hold. When you make a standing spray, keep the easel firm and strong to prevent from falling. A personalized funeral flower is sure to convey your prayers and wishes for peace and comfort.

  • Funeral Baskets

A funeral basket can be your heartfelt tribute to the deceased person or a thoughtful token of condolences to the family. You can make one or two for the funerals using a small wooden basket, some foliage, and a set of special blooms. You will need floral foam where you can insert the stems of the flowers. For an attractive design, choose foliage or attractive leaves that will cover the foam. Fill the basket with flowers by inserting the stems into the foam. Once it is done, don’t forget to keep the foam hydrated with water to preserve the flowers and to keep the floral baskets long-lasting.

Whenever you need to send a flower delivery of funeral flowers in Singapore, you can choose to buy from the florist or make one on your own instead. You will save a lot of money when you make them yourself. Aside from that, you will also enjoy the idea of doing it personally to convey your message of sympathy and condolences for a friend and his or her family. The best flower arrangement for the funerals does not have to be the most expensive. It can be one that you made with all your heart.

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