One of the best ways to honour a person when he dies is with flowers. Funerals have multiple floral arrangements, and one such fascinating ideas are with casket sprays. They are very alluring floral arrangements that work as a blanket for the casket. Typically, these sprays are bought by the spouse of any person or by the parent who is no more. Therefore, if you are purchasing such flowers, you would want to buy the perfect flowers that would be the best casket. Many florists are exceptionally talented and can create casket sprays for both the genders.

Are you wondering about what type of casket should you go for and still feeling confused as you are not able to make out?

2 Types of Casket Spray

Well, typically casket sprays are of two types, one is the full-couch spray, and the other one is a half-couch spray. The best spray that you would choose will depend on the funeral service. The full-couch casket sprays are best for closed ceremony as it works as a blanket for the entire casket. On the other hand, for open casket ceremonies, the best option is half-couch sprays. These are casket sprays, and they work the best when they are used for covering the casket’s lowermost portion.

Flower Used for Casket Spray

Also, when you select the right casket sprays, you need to get the appropriate flowers that are going to suit the floral arrangement. Some of the typical flowers are carnations and roses. There are different types of flowers too that are often used for creating the casket sprays, some of which are tulips, orchids, lilies, snapdragons and gladiolas. For most of the funeral arrangements, Chrysanthemums is the most popular flower. Casket sprays might have only one type of flower or a combination of herbs, thus allowing you to produce a spectacular floral arrangement.

Another important thing that you should consider while selecting the casket spray is the colour. When it comes to choosing the right colour, there are multiple ways that one can follow. Depending on the gender of the person who just passed away, one can select the flower. For men, neutral colours are mostly selected for men, such as yellow, and white flowers are perfect for men casket sprays. However, the colour of women casket sprays is different from men as women mostly prefer colours, like purple and pink flowers. Just like men, gender-neutral colours, like white, red can also be used for women. Also, you can pick the favourite colour of the deceased, thus making it the best option for your casket sprays.

Varation of Casket Spray

There are varieties of casket sprays which are used to adorn the casket of the deceased. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Pure White flowers Casket Spray: To represent the purity and sanity, there’s nothing like the pure white casket spray. The white colour portrays love and affection. These carnations are examples of sheer beauty, and they represent a striking beauty. The emotional bonding is accentuated with Larkspur, while Lisianthus is used for enhancing the texture. It also symbolises life, which is never-ending. Hence, one of the most convenient ways of decorating the casket involves adorning the casket with pure white casket spray.
  • While Orchid Spray: One of the most suitable combinations for decorating the casket is with while orchid casket sprays. With white orchid spray in place, it enhances the purity and the flowers are more than enough to accentuate affection. This casket spray is mostly made up of dendrobium orchids and cymbidium. When they are paired with the foliage, it adds up to the look and gives a stunning view. Moreover, as orchids are a symbol of wisdom, affection of beauty, it portrays an fantastic image which is beyond imagination.
  • Purple coloured half couch spray: For half couch sprays, the peach or pink comfort half-couch spray is the best option. One can design an aura of comfort easily with fascinating pink and peach coloured hues. As this colour is soothing to the eyes, it also adds up warmth and tenderness together, thus allowing calmness. The flower colours and coupled with the texture are enough to develop a sentiment which is filled up with bonding, love, and affection. It also symbolises peace, and the colour stands for elegancy and sophistication.
  • Sunshine Casket Spray: It is evident that it is not easy to realise the fact and acknowledge when death occurs in the family, mainly if it is a youth death. The Sunshine casket is specially designed for caskets of youths, and it has beautiful yellow and white flowers that help to develop an elegant mood. The spray includes daises which are synonymous with innocence and chrysanthemum flowers signifies dedication and loyalty. These flowers are put together and tied with a ribbon that depicts the memorable moments that the family will cherish forever.
  • Pink Casket Spray: To pay respect and tribute to a lady whom you must have known as a sister, aunt, mother, grandmother or even a friend, pink casket spray is the best options. The pink symbolises femininity, which stands equivalent to compassion, love, affection, endearment. Combine vibrant carnations and continue to celebrate a life that symbolises love and friendship. The pink colour depicts the complexion and beauty of a woman together; it encompasses a woman who has always been an inspiration for everyone. The spray is indeed a tribute as it continues to develop a pleasing reminiscence.
  • Whether you decide on a pink casket spray or an all-white casket spray, it is essential to understand that these casket sprays can be the source of long-lasting beauty and style.

Get in touch with a florist today to understand about casket sprays and get yourself engrossed in an elaborate discussion on casket sprays.

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