How Much Should You Spend on Flowers for a Funeral?

Flowers have been associated and linked with giving tribute to the deceased person and are considered the best token to express and convey condolences and sympathy. By sending Flower Delivery of funeral flowers, you are already giving support and comfort to the grieving family. Whether you choose to send a simple floral bouquet in vase or basket or you prefer to send a large wreath of flowers, you can count on the Florist for the assistance and reliable services. For the funeral flowers, here is what the florist in Singapore says on how much to spend:


 For the Typical Funeral Flowers:

  • The cost of basic funeral flower arrangement may vary depending on the size and style of spray or wreath and on the type of flowers used for the arrangement. A typical flower basket is priced at $40 to $70 while for the large arrangement, the cost is from $100 to $300. Expensive flowers like Lilies, Roses, and high-end exotic Orchids may even cost a little higher.
  • The cost of a casket spray starts at $150 to $300 from small size to medium size. If you are planning to send a special florist delivery of large and elegant casket spray, it may cost you from $250 to $500. The spray is as expensive as this may include exotic and rare types of flowers appropriate for the funerals.
  • The costs of standing sprays or funeral flower stand vary from $100 to $300 depending on the number of tiers. The flower shop offers standing spray on easel stand in one, two, or three tiers. For immediate family and close relatives, sending this type of flower arrangement will surely bring the message of peace and comfort to everyone.
  • The cost of funeral wreaths may also vary depending on style of arrangement and on type of flowers used. You can have flower delivery of heart-shaped wreath, cross-shape wreath, or other symbols. The florist can make pillows, ball, butterfly, and guitar for the wreath. Expect special prices on special orders.

For the Type of Flowers Included:

  • Lilies are a popular type of funeral flowers and may cost $50 to $80 depending on the arrangement. The funeral florist offers a wide range of designs for Peace Lily and Stargazer Lily. The price may also vary if you choose Lilies paired with other types of flowers appropriate for the funeral service. Bigger floral arrangement costs higher, too.
  • Gladiolus is another type of flower appropriate for the funerals. Prices start at $90 ranging to $200 depending on the arrangement and size. A small bouquet arranged in a chic flower vase may cost lower than $90 and a mixed floral arrangement of Gladioli and other flowers may cost more.
  • Carnations are a common funeral flower. The white and pink ones are used to represent pure love and remembrance of wonderful memories. A simple flower basket of Carnations, whether combined with other flowers or not, may cost from $99 to $150. There are also wreaths, sprays, and other arrangements for the funerals that are priced low in the market.
  • Chrysanthemums are perfect for the funerals because of meaning and beauty of blooms. They come in a wide variety of colors to match the style you want. Prices also depend on the size of arrangement and on the chosen design. If you prefer to send a floral arrangement of Chrysanthemums combined with Lilies and Orchids, you can expect higher prices depending on size.
  • Roses are also a great choice when it comes to funeral flowers. You can have a wreath made from white Roses to express innocence, peace, and rest. Black Roses mean farewell while red Roses are symbolic of long lasting love. Pink Roses are used in funeral flowers to express admiration while dark pink Roses are meant for appreciation. Depending on the designs and sizes or on the number of flowers to use for the funeral flowers, prices range from $80 to $100 for the flower basket in medium to large size. For larger arrangements, prices also vary.

Shopping for Funeral Flowers:

In your decision on how much money to spend as you shop for the funeral flowers and send them to the family of the deceased person, it is also important to consider certain factors.

  • Deals and discounts are always available at the florist’s shop. If you are on a tight budget, might as well check what the florists in Singapore
  • Most of these funeral flowers can be sent and delivered under the same day flower delivery prices. You will be able to cut on cost of delivery if you will avail the same day delivery, which is usually given free of delivery charge.
  • On the other hand, express flower delivery is also available and is priced a little higher because of the urgency to have the flowers sent to the funeral homes within two to three hours.
  • Customization of arrangement is also possible for reasonable prices. If you want to send something personal and unique in honor of a special person, let the florist help you create the most meaningful funeral flower.

Additional costs may also be applied when choosing and buying funeral flowers. Delivery charges and taxes are among the common additional fees to shoulder. For the Flower Delivery , you can spend a specific budget for the funeral flowers based on the design you require. Consider this information and think wisely on how much you should really spend on special flower arrangement for the funerals.

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