Death is an inevitable appointment, and it cannot be canceled no matter what. No one can avoid death, and everyone will die eventually. Mostly, the people suffering from terminal illness plan their funerals. But for others, it might look a little bizarre and not everyone would even want to consider thinking about it. But why not? When you already know that you will die, and you do not know the time of your death. That means you are not even sure of waking up after you sleep tonight. Moreover, if you do not plan it on your own, your family would have to do it and that will only add to their emotional stress. When you think it that way, you become much more convinced about planning your own funeral. And, if this thought has already crossed your own mind and you want to do it, here are the things you should consider when you are planning your own funeral.


Make a Document of your Plans

First of all, you have to document all of your plans by writing them with your hand. You can just use paper and a pen for this purpose, but you have to do it no matter what. Moreover, you have to store your transcribed funeral plans in a place that is easily accessible by your family so that it is available to your family instantly after your demise.


What to do with your Body

The biggest decision in planning your funeral is that what would you want to do with your body after you die. There are generally three options:

  1. Burial
  2. Cremation
  3. Donation to Science

Your budget plays an important role in deciding this matter. The burial services cost the most and Cremation costs around half of the burial charges. Whereas, donating your body to science will cost you nothing.


Location for Burial

If you choose to bury your body after you die, you must mention where you want your body to be buried. You can choose whether you want your body to be buried in your native town or your present hometown etc. Moreover, you should select the type of burial as well.


Viewing or No Viewing

It is your choice if you want your loved ones to have a final look at your body before the final rituals are done. You can choose the place where the viewing will take place. You can decide whether you want it to take place at home, church, funeral home, etc.


Flowers Selection

Flowers are an essential part of any funeral observance and you can choose the flowers you want to have at your funeral. You can write down the flower name, color, and other details that you want for your funeral.


Other Details

After deciding on the above-mentioned points, all you have to do is finalize the other small but important details regarding your funeral. Here is a comprehensive list of the details you might want to add to your plan. You can have a look at the list and decide if any of the points apply to you. After that, you can add those points to your transcribed funeral plan. Here is the list:

  • Name the persons who will handle all the arrangements
  • Memorial Service Location
  • The location where the remains will be placed
  • Music or not. If yes, then what type
  • Attendees
  • Marker or Headstone preferences
  • Post Funeral Receptions Preferences


Set up a Will or Living Trust

Finally, the most important part of your funeral plan is to set up a will or a living trust. You can decide whether you want to set up a will or a living trust by consulting with the respective attorneys. Setting up a will is simple and with the help of a trustworthy guide, you can set up your will even without an attorney. On the other hand, setting up a trust is rather complex, and it is subjected to different laws. That is why a professional is needed to set up a living trust.

This step in your plan is the most critical one and you cannot skip this one. The will or living trust you set up will address the legal matters associated with your death. Just like any other funeral element, if you do not include it in your plan, your family will have to deal with it eventually.


Ensure that your Funeral is Paid For

At this point, you have already planned your funeral and your family will not have to deal with that while mourning your loss. Now, you have one last final step to do. That step is to make sure you leave enough money for the funeral plan you have made for yourself. This step is the most important one and essential for your funeral plan to go out as transcribed by you. Most of the time, the families do not have enough cash to carry out the funeral services and they have to take loans to make an honorable memorial service. That debt, however, takes years to pay off.

Below are some ways you can ensure that your funeral is paid for:

  • Life Insurance
  • Save Money
  • Funds from the deceased’s estate

You can start saving money for your funeral arrangements starting today or you can opt for a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy might be the best choice as it can easily cover all the expenses of your funeral. Moreover, paying from your investments or property for the expenses is also an option but it is not recommended.



To conclude this discussion, planning your own funeral might look a little bizarre but if you think carefully, it makes all the sense. If you know you will die no matter what, you should plan how your funeral must be carried out. You can document a plan which has all the necessary details about your funeral and that document should easily be accessible by your family. Moreover, make sure to leave enough money for the plan to be carried out as transcribed by you.

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