Different families with different cultures and religions lived in this world. They also do not want the same type of funeral. By cultural traditions and religion, personal preferences, and cost, funeral practices are decided and influenced. These circumstances help to decide where the funeral will be held, and whether it will be private or public, secular, or religious, simple, or elaborate. They also have an effect on whether the casket will be closed or open, and if there will be a visitation or viewing, and if so, at the funeral whether the body will be present, and whether the body will be cremated or buried.

Funerals could be held in different places according to the culture and religious point of view. It could be held at church, burial at sea, mosque, or synagogue, or funeral home. So, it is up to you how you select what kind of funeral is finest for your loved ones or you? The type of funeral which would most honor you or a loved one’s life or lived life is a good suggestion.

You can determine what is right for your loved one or you when the time comes. Here we will discuss five major types of funerals:


  1. Traditional Religious Funeral Service

Every person in the family of died person feels very sad and depressing in the receipt of the funeral service. For the participation in their receipt, their relatives, friends, and other persons went to join their funeral service and pray for them. In traditional religious funeral services, the family often welcomes the persons who came to participate in the receipt of the funeral. These persons may include a seeing of the body in the casket, in every religion except for Jewish funerals.

At the receipt of a traditional religious funeral service, the funeral is being conducted by a religious leader. In receipt of the funeral include the music and songs, prayers, and eulogies. After buried, the fresh flowers are thrown on the grave, which is a traditional decoration, symbolic of love, respect, and sympathy. A traditional religious funeral service would most likely be your best choice if you are a spiritual or religious person, or someone who values their custom and traditions.


  1. Non-religious Humanist Funeral Service

A humanist funeral is a non-religious receipt that is a celebration of an honorable farewell and a celebration of your loved ones. Basically, without recognizes the grief of death and religious connotation, a non-religious humanist funeral service pays a tribute to your loved one. Although it also celebrating the life and legacy of your loved one. Humanist funerals try to keep their service as personal as possible. It focused on the loved one lost, as it is the biggest loss for their family rather than anything else.

This service includes the moment where the attendees of the funeral keep silent for a while to reflect on the life of the celebrant. It also includes the reading from the family and friends to tribute your loved ones. Here, music also plays when the non-religious humanist funeral service begins. Also, music is played when the attendees leave this ceremony. If you want to arrange a non-religious humanist funeral service for you or your loved ones, you can take help from a humanist celebrant. They can guide you about the humanist funeral in a better way.


  1. Direct Cremation Service

This cremation service is a where there is no ceremony, no attendees, no funeral service performed beforehand. The ashes are given to their family, after that whatever they want to do with these ashes they can do. This cremation is the cheapest funeral offered by funeral directors, which allows you to give a respectful goodbye in a fuss-free and simple way.

Nowadays, direct cremation service is becoming very famous. Many people chose this service as it is a fuss-free farewell. Direct cremation service includes the necessary paperwork that is organized by the doctors to complete it. Then, collecting your loved one from the hospital and in the funeral vehicle, it includes transportation to the crematorium.


  1. Green/Natural Funeral Service

A Green funeral is also known as a natural funeral or woodland burial. It requires fewer resources than other types of funerals. This type of funeral is the better and environmentally friendly funeral. It took place surrounded by countryside and within acres of woodland. A funeral is truly green when it reduces carbon emissions, conserves natural resources, protects worker health, and preserves habitat. Therefore, green funeral or natural funeral services are not the same.

As its cost can be different according to different funeral directors. If you or your loved one is enthusiastic about decreasing one’s carbon footprint. Then green or natural funeral service is the best choice for you or your loved one. If you chose green funeral, becomes one with the universe much simpler.


  1. Burial at Sea

In this type of burial, the person who left the world is released into the sea or ocean sometimes from the aircraft or usually from the boat. This burial took place at different places according to their customs and beliefs. The service may include burial in an urn, burial in sailcloth, scattering of the cremated, or burial at the casket. With cremated remains, burial at sea is mostly done by aircraft only.  Other types of burial at sea involve the combination of the debris with cement and falling the cement block to form an artificial reef.



The bitter reality of life is that you or your loved one have to die one day. To plan your or your loved one funeral is the better option for you and also for your loved one. Different types of funerals are discussed above. You can choose which type of funeral is better for you or your loved ones according to your customs or traditions, beliefs or values, or religious point of view. You can also take help or guide from different funeral directors. And according to your budget, arrange the funeral event for you or your loved ones.

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