Human beings are not immortal. All men die at a definite time. The death could be natural, could be in an accident, or might be happened by any other unwanted situation. Anything might be the reason for death. But we all want to say a final farewell to our beloved in a grand way. That is why we arrange funerals.

Planning a funeral for family or friends is overwhelming. No one will teach you how to do it. Most people have no idea about how to make plans for arranging a funeral. Moreover, they do not know where to begin. But you must do it at this tragic moment as your responsibility.

Planning your funeral at the right time is the best decision. The main reason is that going ahead of time always gives you advantages. You can manage every single arrangement for a wedding ceremony within a few days, is it convenient? The answer is negative. Let us discuss it by dividing the funeral planning into ‘At – Need’ and ‘Pre-Need’ funeral planning.


In-Time Funeral Planning

The deceased family members are making in-time funeral planning at the time of one’s death. The planning is often difficult as the time frame is short. The emotions are also strong as the friends and family of the dead sorrow. Not only there are more works to do in a short time, but there is also including a large number of financial expenses. So, planning a funeral in a limited time is costly too.


Pre-Planning Funeral

On the other hand, pre-planned funeral arrangements are the plans which are taken at a liveable time.

Pre-planned funeral arrangements will be taken whenever you want. However, it offers so many advantages. Funeral home or funeral directors will assist you with planning the funeral. You can choose the cemetery, the refreshment for guests, and the events at a funeral. Moreover, there will be a burial or cremation that can be set in advance. This will allow your funeral to happen in a planned method, though we rather are in a rush.


Primary Reasons to Plan Your Funeral in Advance

Here we have tried to put the most important points on why you should plan your funeral arrangements before the time comes.

  1. To simplicity, the pressure of your family: You need to express your final wishes to your family members. Then they will understand whether you need burial or cremation. They need to know whether you need an open or closed casket. If you do not inform about these, there will create embarrassment among your family members and your friends. At their grieving time, these disagreements can be fatal. They might be puzzled about taking a decision. You can easily avoid these problems by leaving a plan behind.
  2. Simulate the economic requirements for your funeral: Planning for your funeral before time will help you to cover the financial arrangement for your funeral. If you have enough money to cover the funeral costs, it will be helpful for your family members. Moreover, some options like funeral insurance or funeral arrangements will help you to get rid of these finances-related problems.
  3. If you wish to get the advantage from a funeral: The funeral is a very essential affair for the family who lose their beloved one. It helps to remove the termination and cure their grief. Family members can get an advantage by arranging a great ceremony in honor to send off their beloved death finally. That eases their grief and pleases them.
  4. Make arrangements according to your final wishes: Everyone has some unique wish for the final deposition of their body. If you think so, you may add them to your funeral pre-plans.

Some people want a burial, some want cremation, and some want to dedicate their body parts to research purposes. So, if you have any kind of final wishes after your death, they will be followed according to your pre-plans for your funeral.

  1. If you want to be independent: Taking decisions about your funeral in advance is a very wise and thoughtful plan. It seems a caring thought for the family members. You can make the entire funeral planning by yourself. Then it will also help to reduce the pressure from the head of your family members. Therefore, you should be sure that their appreciation of your caring will continue even after you are gone.

The above points show the necessity of pre-planning your funeral. It is necessary to reduce your family and friend’s burden.


Pre-Planned Funeral: Step by Step

Here we present step by step measures to prepare a perfect pre-plan for your funeral:

  • Plan ahead. It does not need to be very much complicated. Even if you make the simplest plan, your family will help you. Start with some basic internment choices like burial, cremation, and donation to medical science.
  • Estimate the cost of your funeral. If necessary, change the costly part of your plan.
  • Share your plans with your family members and friends to let them know your wishes. Talk especially to a trusted family member on whom you can rely. Tell him or her to carry out your final plans for your funeral.
  • You may specify the details of the funeral program. But it is optional. It will be helpful for event management if you go for detailed
  • Make economic arrangements for your funeral. There are some financial policies like funeral insurance and funeral trust which are wise decisions. Try to make it accessible to any of your trusted family members or friend.
  • Organize your personal information. This will be helpful for those who will deliver praise and write an obituary.


We know, no one loves to think about even the day of their death, let alone the funeral. But the fact is that on the day of your death, your family members will need to make dozens of decisions. They will make these decisions with their grief-stricken heart to tribute your death. Planning before the funeral not only ensures that final wishes are recorded but also removes the burden from your family members and friend who want to tribute your final farewell. While living, you need to plan for everything like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. So, why should you not plan for a funeral? It is also a great event of celebration to introduce you to the life hereafter, the life of eternity.


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